A Foundation of Trust: How a Mayo Clinic ER Physician Helps His Team Defeat Burnout

Benjamin Knutson, MD
Dr. Benjamin Knutson
Emergency Department Physician at Mayo Clinic

Dr. Knutson serves as  the Community Division Chair for Mayo Clinic Emergency Medicine overseeing 19 community-based emergency departments across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northern Iowa. In addition, he is an Instructor of Emergency Medicine and a Clinical Associate Consultant in Emergency Medicine practicing in Rochester, MN as well as in the Southwest Minnesota Mayo Clinic Health System for the past eight years.

Dr. Knutson has served in several additional leadership roles and initiatives.  He currently co-chairs the Midwest Emergency Medicine Patient Experience committee, the Mayo Clinic Health System Emergency Medicine Patient and Staff Satisfaction committee and is currently Silver-certified through the Mayo Clinic Quality Fellow program.  He also serves as a member on the Board of Minnesota ACEP and is the Rural Section ACEP representative this year.

Dr. Knutson has a tremendous interest and passion in leadership development and education.  He is a passionate believer of evidence-based leadership, ensuring a tactical approach with a strong focus on improving outcomes. He continues to practice clinically for the love of his patients and continues to focus on systematic improvement for the benefit of his teams and departments.

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