Building and developing skills to achieve and sustain high performance.


Partnering with Healthcare’s Leading Organizations

We believe the key to success is not in making solutions complex, but in making them doable. That’s why we work to design and implement customized coaching and development solutions that reduce barriers and help your leaders master new skills and behaviors. Our model is proven to improve:

  • Staff attraction, retention, and engagement
  • Leader training and development
  • Caregiver and patient experience

Solutions Designed with You in Mind

The Human Capital Ecosystem™

The Human Capital Ecosystem™ is a framework designed to help organizations attract, retain, and engage talent. We begin every partnership by assessing the six key components of your organization to gain a foundational understanding of your resources and workforce.

Precision Leader Development™

Like precision medicine, career and skill development should be customized to a person’s individual needs. Precision Leader Development™ is designed to assess a person’s strengths and opportunities and deliver the right development plan to help them be successful at your organization.

Who We Serve

At Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, no two partnerships look alike. We don’t believe in offering off-the-shelf solutions because we understand that every healthcare organization has unique goals, challenges, and resources. To deliver meaningful change and measurable results, we’ll work collaboratively to design a solution that’s right for you – and your people – and execute it I a way that drives alignment across your organization.

Drive alignment across your academic or large regional health system while meeting the individual needs of your leaders, teams, and patients. With personalized coaching and development solutions, we take a precision approach to system-wide change.

Create a workplace of innovation and opportunity and give your leaders the tools they need to deliver the very best quality of care. Our comprehensive training model is proven to reduce barriers, increase employee engagement, and improve patient experience.

Invest in your leaders with scalable and sustainable coaching solutions tailored to the size, culture, and resources of your organization. Our customized partnership will help you make an immediate impact and drive long-term results.

Lead the way to 5-star status with coaching designed specifically for post-acute professionals. By investing in leadership development for your workforce, you can increase retention, reduce contract labor, and improve outcomes and experiences for your residents.

From locum tenens firms to EVS and facilities management services, our coaching solutions are customized to serve organizations across the entire continuum of care. By diagnosing your team’s unique pain points first, our advisors can design collaborative and precise coaching programs that help you achieve and sustain real results.

Partner with us

At Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, we take the complex and make it doable. We recognize that no two healthcare organizations are exactly alike, which is why we design and customize every solution based on your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to improve patient experience outcomes, develop your leaders, or reduce staff turnover, we are here to be your guiding hand.

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