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Each week, the Healthcare Plus Podcast will bring together leaders from across the healthcare industry to share the latest insights, offer solutions to some of healthcare’s greatest challenges, and provide replenishment and well-being tools. Hosted by Quint Studer and Dan Collard, co-founders of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, you’ll leave each episode with practical tools, techniques, and best-practices to reinforce the great work you’re already doing and address your organization’s unique pain points.

Previously known as The Busy Leader’s Podcast, this weekly series has evolved from a tool to learn from leaders as we navigated the pandemic to now focus in on the changemakers moving healthcare forward. To listen to the latest episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, subscribe to the show, or find past episodes of The Busy Leader’s Podcast, click below.

David Bartholomew

91_A Look Ahead at the 2024 ACHE Congress with David Bartholomew

On this episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, Quint Studer welcomes special guest David Bartholomew to highlight the upcoming 2024 ACHE Congress: Big Ideas. David is the Senior Vice President of Learning at the American College of Healthcare Executives, a professional society for healthcare leaders committed to improving health. This year, the ACHE Congress will welcome more than 5,000 attendees from across the industry to address workforce concerns in healthcare leadership.

Quint and David highlight the diversity of both attendees and speakers at the conference, as well as the enthusiasm and collaboration among participants. Sessions will cover a broad range of topics from AI and innovative technologies to prioritizing patient centered care to private equity investment in healthcare.

Quint will be joining the conference on Tuesday, March 26th to discuss “The Human Margin: What It Means, Why It Matters, and How to Maximize It” with fellow HPSG Co-Founder, Dan Collard, and respected researcher, Katherine A. Meese, PhD.

For additional information on the conference and ACHE’s educational programs, visit

About David Bartholomew

David Bartholomew is a lifelong advocate for health professionals and international education.  David is the Senior Vice President, Learning at the American College of Healthcare Executives in Chicago.  The role encompasses oversight of ACHE’s Professional Development and Publishing activities, including the Congress on Healthcare Leadership.

David Bartholomew assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Learning with the American College of Healthcare Executives in January 2019.  In this capacity David is tasked to drive the strategic direction for ACHE Learning and oversee the design and development of new learning modalities for ACHE including virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid learning approaches across the Learning portfolio.  Prior to ACHE, David worked for more than 20 years in strategic roles related to healthcare licensure education and publishing.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a master’s degree in International Affairs from the University of Kentucky Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce.   David serves as a Board member for CAHME, the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education.

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90_Empowering the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders with Dan Gentry, President and CEO, AUPHA

On this episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, Quint Studer hosts special guest Dan Gentry, President and CEO of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). AUPHA is a global network of colleges, universities, faculty, individuals, and organizations dedicated to the improvement of health and healthcare delivery through excellence in healthcare management and policy education.

In their conversation, Dan and Quint emphasize the importance of learning and independent growth for healthcare leaders and discuss the correlation between skill development, engagement, and turnover in organizations. Dan highlights the importance of offering leadership education and resources to train great students to go out and lead in healthcare organizations that provide wonderful care to patients and families. Dan also highlights the benefits of participating in AUPHA’s available programs, including the Art of Teaching Institute, which seeks to enhance teaching skills in healthcare organizations.

For those interested in learning more about AUPHA membership, programs, or awards, please contact Dan Gentry ( or visit

About Dan Gentry

Dan Gentry is President & CEO of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). Between 1994 and 2020, he served as faculty and in a variety of academic leadership roles at Saint Louis University, Rush University, the University of Memphis, and the University of Iowa.

Dan has taught in the areas of healthcare organization and policy, organizational behavior and management, and leadership. His research has included the financing, organization, and delivery of health services; tobacco, obesity, and HIV policy; the patient experience; and, transitioning healthcare organizations from volume to value.

Dan has served in the leadership of regional ACHE Chapters in Missouri, Tennessee, and Iowa, and as Chair of ACHE’s LGBTQ Forum. He is a current member of ACHE, NAHSE, and NALHE. Dan is a past Fellow, Board Member,and Board Chair of CAHME; and, a past and current AUPHA Board Member.

Dan earned his BA from the College of Charleston, MHA from the Medical University of South Carolina, and PhD in Health Services & Policy Analysis from the University of California, Berkeley.

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89_How MUSC is Leveraging AI to Improve Patient Access and Experience with Crystal Broj, Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Crystal Broj

On this episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, Quint Studer welcomes special guest Crystal Broj, Enterprise Chief Digital Transformation Officer at MUSC Health. Since joining the MUSC leadership team in 2022, Crystal has worked to revolutionize MUSC’s healthcare processes and accelerate the delivery of products, solutions, and services to their patient population.

Crystal shares how MUSC is leveraging AI technology to personalize patient care, optimize efficiency through automation, and reduce the burden on healthcare providers. From automated scribes to virtual consultations to fast-pass scheduling, MUSC is finding new ways to transform the patient experience while also prioritizing relationships between doctors and patients.

Quint and Crystal also discuss the importance of operational trials before implementing new technologies enterprise-wide. Crystal believes that collecting user feedback and including physicians in the implementation process is the key to gaining organizational buy-in.

For more information, Crystal invites listeners to connect with her on LinkedIn or send her a direct email at

About Crystal Broj

Crystal Broj is the Enterprise Chief Digital Transformation Officer for MUSC, starting in 2022.  Previously, Crystal served as the AVP for Digital Strategy & Transformation for NorthShore University Health System and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer for American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).   In her current role, she is responsible for driving and accelerating the Digital Transformation Strategy and overseeing the delivery of products, solutions, and services out of the Transformation Pipeline, delivering optimal value for the MUSC platform ecosystem, healthcare systems and healthcare consumers.  Her time at NorthShore focused on the digital front door including a new mobile wrapper app and at AADE building an award-winning website, which was a one-stop shop for all diabetes devices and education.  Crystal earned her bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University. Originally a native from Chicago, she now enjoys low country living in Charleston.

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88_Data Speaks Volumes: The Power of Lab Diagnostics with Dr. David Grenache, Chief Scientific Officer, TriCore Laboratory

On this episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, Quint Studer hosts special guest Dr. David Grenache, Chief Scientific Officer of TriCore Reference Laboratories. Quint and David discuss how to replicate best practices, both in leadership and in medicine. Dr. Grenache shares examples of where he’s driven change through the implementation of best practices and how he guided his team through those transformations.

In their conversation, Dr. Grenache also shares valuable insights on:

  • The critical role laboratory professionals play in predictive and preventative care
  • The role of AI in healthcare
  • And the importance of leveraging tools and insights from laboratory data to impact population health

About David G. Grenache, PhD

Dr. Grenache is the chief scientific officer for TriCore Reference Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In that role, he leads the TriCore Research Institute which helps to innovate healthcare through cutting-edge clinical device trials, advanced central lab services, and a sample biorepository.

He is also the laboratory director of TriCore’s flagship core laboratory, the medical director of immunology and of point-of-care testing, and a clinical professor of pathology at the University of New Mexico. He is a past president of the Association for Diagnostics and Laboratory Medicine, formerly known as the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. His term as president coincided with the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and, as such, he helped lead the association through a period of turbulence and uncertainty.

Dr. Grenache earned his PhD in biomedical sciences from WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts, and completed postdoctoral training in clinical chemistry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He has published over 100 research articles, abstracts, and book chapters and is frequently invited to speak at scientific meetings.

His research interests are centered on leveraging longitudinal laboratory data to gain insights into individual and population health and the diagnostic tests used to manage the pregnant patient.

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87_Embracing Patient-Centered Leadership: A Conversation on Trust, Innovation, and Care Coordination with Ardent Health Services President and CEO, Marty Bonick

In this engaging episode of the Healthcare Plus podcast, host Dan Collard welcomes Marty Bonick, president and CEO of Ardent Health Services, as they delve into Marty’s extensive background in healthcare leadership and his unique perspective as a patient. Marty’s journey comes full circle as he shares his experiences as an administrative fellow, junior administrator, and now CEO of Ardent.

The conversation highlights the importance of trust in leadership and coordination of care in the post-pandemic world. Marty believes that when we recognize and appreciate what each team member brings to the table, we can bring our best to the patients and the community. He also emphasizes the need for a balanced scorecard approach and the measurement of outcomes to drive continuous improvement.

Marty’s personal experience as a patient, resulting from a freak accident where he was hit by a car while training for an ironman race, provides a profound shift in his leadership approach. He emphasizes the significance of understanding the patient experience and the need to make meaningful changes in healthcare delivery. Marty and his team at Ardent have launched initiatives such as the “Ban the Clipboard” committee, focusing on enhancing patient interactions and streamlining administrative processes.

The conversation further explores Marty’s vision for innovation and patient engagement, including attracting and engaging patients through technology advancements such as virtual nursing. Marty’s passion for creating an environment where healthcare professionals feel valued and appreciated shines through, as he emphasizes the importance of the “people pillar” and showcasing the unique contributions of Ardent team members.

The podcast episode concludes with Marty’s advice to aspiring healthcare leaders, emphasizing the importance of integrity, commitment to the triple aim, and resisting the temptation to cut corners. Marty’s journey serves as an inspiration for leaders in the healthcare industry to prioritize patient-centered care and continuously strive for improvement.

About Marty Bonick

Marty Bonick is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ardent Health Services. Ardent is one of the largest private health systems in the U.S. with over $5 Billion in Net Revenue, encompassing 30 hospitals and more than 200 sites of care across six states. Ardent employs more than 23,000 people including over 1,200 employed providers who collectively care for over 3 million patient encounters each year.

A veteran health care leader, Mr. Bonick brings 25 years of experience driving business growth through innovation and quality improvement across a variety of health care settings. With experience in for-profit, non-profit, public, and privately held companies, he has held senior management roles in large tertiary and academic medical centers, multi-site systems of inpatient hospital and outpatient facilities, and physician services organizations.

Prior to his appointment as President and CEO of Ardent Health Services in 2020, Mr. Bonick served as CEO of PhyMed Healthcare Group, a national provider of anesthesia and pain management services; Division President at Community Health Systems (NYSE: CYH), where he led operations for a $4.5 billion healthcare portfolio; and CEO of Jewish Hospital and Senior Vice President of Operations for Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Bonick began his health care career at Hillcrest HealthCare System in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was acquired by Ardent Health Services during his tenure.

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86_How TriHealth is Getting Value-Based Care “Right” with CEO Mark Clement

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Mark Clement

On this episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, host Quint Studer is joined by TriHealth CEO, Mark Clement. In 2015, TriHealth’s board, management team, and physician team embraced a bold vision to “get healthcare right” through an increased focus on population health and value-based care. Mark and his teams are committed to improving the health of the entire community, even for those individuals that may never receive care in a TriHealth hospital. Through their efforts and community partnerships, TriHealth’s patient population today is objectively healthier – chronic conditions are better managed, screening and early detection occurs more consistently, and the total cost of care is more affordable.

In their conversation, Quint and Mark discuss:

  • TriHealth’s definition of value-based care
  • How TriHealth included physicians in the shift towards value-based care and how they’re shaping a shared vision of the organization’s future
  • How TriHealth has worked to form equitable, collaborative partnerships with payers to further their mission of delivering value-based care

About Mark Clement

Mark C. Clement is the President and Chief Executive Officer of TriHealth. He joined TriHealth as President in May of 2015 and took on the larger role of President and CEO in Jan 2016. TriHealth is a $2.1B integrated healthcare delivery system, made up of 6 hospitals and over 140 ambulatory/outpatient sites of care. Named as the highest performing Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in the state of Ohio and one of the highest performing ACOs in the country by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, TriHealth cares for more than 500,000 attributed lives. As Cincinnati’s 4th-largest employer, TriHealth has 12,000 team members, more than 700 employed physicians and an independent medical staff of more than 1,800 physicians.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and jointly sponsored by CommonSpirit Health and Bethesda, Inc., TriHealth’s vision is to work together with physicians, hospitals and communities to “get health care right” by delivering better care, better health and better value while fostering physician and team member engagement. Mark also holds the position of CEO at all of TriHealth’s hospitals: Good Samaritan Hospital, Bethesda North Hospital, Bethesda Butler Hospital and McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, which all serve the Tri-State region of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. With a focus on population health and improving the health status of those it serves, TriHealth is an award winning health system frequently recognized by industry organizations such as U.S. News and World Reports, Newsweek, IBM Watson, Diversity Inc, The Joint Commission, the American Heart Association, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more.

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85_How Love and Compassion Can Improve Patient Experiences

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Thomas Dahlborg

On this episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, Quint Studer is joined by special guest Thomas Dahlborg, award-winning author of “From Heart to Head & Back Again: A Journey Through the Healthcare System” and President and CEO of Dahlborg HealthCARING Leadership Group, LLC (DHLG). Quint and Tom discuss why patient experience scores have been stagnant despite continued investment and offer practical tools and tips to help healthcare leaders achieve measurable results.

Tom Dahlborg has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 40 years in roles ranging from housekeeper to Chief Financial Officer. This background, in addition to his own experience as a patient, has allowed him to see healthcare through numerous lenses and to recognize both the goodness in the system as well as the opportunities to make things better for others.

Tom believes that engaging heart, compassion, empathy, and love is the key to shifting the trend and improving patient experiences. From cutting back on measurement to rethinking financial incentives, listeners will walk away from the episode with actionable insights on how to refocus patient experience efforts in your organization.

About Thomas Dahlborg

Named a Healthcare Disruptor and a Mental Health Champion by Authority Magazine and a Ruckus Maker by The PX Community, with forty years of extensive healthcare leadership experience, Tom is a voice for love centered care models, servant leadership, and quality and systems improvement.

A former healthcare CFO, VP of Strategy, Analytics Leader, Value-Based (before it was called that) Contracting Leader, and more, Tom is also an internationally recognized speaker and writer.

Tom’s multiple award-winning book, From Heart to Head & Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system, is a call to action serving to bring people together to make a positive impact for others in healthcare and beyond and served as a 2021 AUPHA book award for healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

Tom brings practical, tangible, impactful tools married with love, compassion and caring to transform healthcare to healthCARING and to improve the health and well-being of all.

Tom believes at the end of the day it is all about Love and Impact – Love is the Force Multiplier – and sometimes you must disrupt the system for the betterment of all. 


Harley Davidson Completes Rewiring of Strategic Plan

Dahlborg HealthCARING Leadership Group

Rewiring Excellence: Hardwired to Rewired by Quint Studer

From Heart to Head and Back Again… A Journey Through the Healthcare System by Thomas Dahlborg

The Big Kid…And Basketball…And the Lessons He Taught His Father And Coach by Thomas Dahlborg


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84_The Latest Research on Nursing, Staffing, and the Human Element of Healthcare

Hosted by Dan Collard with guests Quint Studer and Katie Boston-Leary

On this special episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, host Dan Collard sits down with Quint Studer, co-founder of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, and Katie Boston-Leary, Director of Nursing Programs, American Nurses Association to analyze key findings of the latest Models of Care Insight Study and what they mean for the healthcare industry.

The Models of Care Insight Study Part II, conducted by Joslin Insight, collected 1,450+ responses from direct care nurses, nursing leadership, and healthcare executives in the acute care and ambulatory settings. The goal of the second study was to gain a better grasp of how nurses can operate at the top of their licensure while cultivating leadership qualities to enhance their contributions to their organizations.

Key findings include:

  • Retired nurses are willing to help fill the knowledge and complexity gap but most don’t want full time work and aren’t interested in direct patient care.
  • Nurses rate their weakest leadership traits as change management, positivity, and delegation.
  • 63% of respondents say their organization’s CNA workforce is understaffed or very understaffed.
  • 47% of respondents say CNAs are not treated with the same respect as their RN peers.

Quint and Katie stress that there is not one solution to all of these challenges but that there are steps leaders can take to narrow the scope, reduce caregiver workloads, and improve care delivery.

About Katie Boston-Leary

Katie Boston-Leary is the Director of Nursing Programs at the American Nurses Association overseeing the Nursing Practice and Work Environment Division and Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation. She is also the Co-Lead for Project Firstline, a multi-million-dollar grant collaborative with the CDC for training on Infection Prevention and Control. Katie is also the co-chair for the DEI committee for the Healthcare Leaders Network Delaware Valley, an ACHE affiliate. She helped redesign the Nurse Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland with an embedded coaching program. Katie is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland School of Nursing and the School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University. She is a board member on St. Johns University Health Programs and an editorial advisory board member with Web/MD Medscape and ACHE. Katie serves as staff on the National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing and is also part of the National Academy of Science and Medicine’s National Plan to Address Clinician Well-Being supported by the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy. Katie also leads as an ANA representative with 4 partner organizations to organize a National Nurse Staffing Think Tank and Task Force, which published short term actionable recommendations to address the nurse staffing crisis.


–       Podcast: How to Kill Your Own Company

–       Models of Care Insight Study Report and Data

–       Rewiring Excellence: Hardwired to Rewired by Quint Studer and Dan Collard

–       ANCC Magnet Presentation by Quint Studer and Katie Boston-Leary

–       American Nurses Association

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83_Scott Becker’s Story: The Past, Present, and Future of Becker’s Healthcare

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Scott Becker

On this week’s episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, Quint Studer is joined by special guest Scott Becker. Scott is a partner in the healthcare department at McGuireWoods and founder and publisher of Becker’s Hospital Review and Becker’s Healthcare. In their conversation, Scott shares what drove him to found Becker’s more than 30 years ago and discusses areas of both concern and optimism for the healthcare industry in 2023 and beyond.

Quint and Scott discuss:

  • How Becker’s Healthcare evolved from a thought leadership platform to a trusted media source for hospitals, health systems, and leaders across healthcare
  • Why access is the greatest challenge facing healthcare today
  • How healthcare organizations can improve caregiver retention through training, development, and a strong focus on culture
  • And what the future of Becker’s looks like

Listen to the full episode for actionable insights on how organizations and leaders can meet the challenges of the healthcare industry today.

About Scott Becker

Scott Becker is a partner in the healthcare department at McGuireWoods.  He previously served on the Board of Partners of the firm and chaired the healthcare department for nearly 13 years.

Scott is the founder and publisher of Becker’s Hospital Review and Becker’s Healthcare. He represents hospitals and health systems, healthcare companies, surgery center chains, large practices and private equity funds.

Scott is a Harvard law graduate and certified public accountant. A full professional profile can be found here.

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82_Creating a Culture of Caring: Addressing Nurse Hostility and Caregiver Burnout

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN

On this week’s episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, Quint Studer is joined by special guest Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN. Kathleen has been an international keynote speaker and culture expert for over 20 years educating hospital boards, physicians and nurses on leadership, culture, teamwork, and patient safety. In their conversation, Kathleen and Quint discuss issues facing healthcare leaders and caregivers today and offer culture-focused solutions that can drive industry-wide change.

Kathleen shares actionable insights on:

  • How to move past hostility and bring nurses together to work towards a common goal
  • Why structure dictates outcomes and where healthcare needs restructuring
  • And how to impact issues of access, cost, and fragmentation in healthcare

“It is my dream that nurses can walk into a culture where they are supported and nurtured and cared for.” – Kathleen Bartholomew

About Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN

Kathleen has been an international keynote speaker and culture expert for over 20 years educating hospital boards, physicians and nurses on leadership, culture, teamwork, and patient safety. She uses the power of story and her strong background in sociology to illuminate and transform the health care culture.  Kathleen has published numerous articles and authored “Speak Your Truth: Proven Strategies for Effective Nurse-Physician Communication”, “Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility”, and coauthored “Charting the Course”; and “The Dauntless Nurse: Communication Confidence Builder”.  Her TEDx talk challenges our covert belief that some people are more important than others. With a call to integrity, and a passion for healing, Kathleen is a visionary thought leader, Op Ed writer and blogger for My American Nurse.

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