Our Approach


New Challenges Require New Solutions

To help your organization see measurable resultsyou need more than an off-the-shelf solution. We’ll work with you and your teams every step of the way to diagnose your needs, collaboratively design smart solutions, and create efficient and effective implementation plans built for your company and culture.


We look at the health of your organization as a whole: the people, the metrics, the systems, the leadership, and the culture. Seeing how the entire ecosystem works together helps identify root causes, maximize resources, and develop tools and techniques that will help achieve the organization’s desired outcomes.

Collaborative Design

The most workable plan is one that the partner helps shape, so we believe in collaborating closely with your senior team throughout every step of the design process. Plus, we don’t just bring our own expertise to the table – we pull in respected industry resources along the way to ensure you’re getting the very best.


Our goal is to help you take action that yields metric-backed wins. We don’t overwhelm your team with too much change too quickly and we don’t recommend solutions that aren’t doable for your leaders. We help you act with the right scope and sequence to generate near-term performance improvements and long-term success.

The “Plus” Formula

Purpose + Passion + Precision + Planning + Partnership = Performance

( P ) is for Purpose


Purpose lives at the center of all we do. It’s the force around which we align. We exist to serve organizations that are focused on creating a workplace of replenishment. One that fosters innovation, creates opportunity for professional advancement, and one that delivers the very best quality of care.

( P ) is for Passion


Passion is the fuel that drives change, improvement, and outcomes. We help organizations tap into that passion that teammates bring and help healthcare professionals reignite their passion for their work. And ultimately, we help organizations active that passion to produce great outcomes.

( P ) is for Precision


Based on the diagnoses, our team works to craft a precise solution for your unique needs. While foundational principles might apply for a number of organizations, a customized approach – tailored to the size, business model, and culture of a specific team – is the key to accelerating adoption and ultimately outcomes.

( P ) is for Planning


Our team takes a design-and-build approach to our partner relationships. We know scope, sequencing, and sustainability are vital to effective execution and we lay the groundwork for this in the planning phase. At all stages, we ensure our partners know what to expect, when to expect it, and aren’t overwhelmed by too much change at one time.

( P ) is for Partnership


We value the power of partnership. From the clients we engage with to our rich network of external experts, working well with others is the heart and soul of our brand. When all parties share the same values – and the same commitment to making a positive impact – amazing things happen. We’re grateful to be a part of the synergy that’s making healthcare better.

( P ) is for Performance


Love and gratitude might sound like “soft” skills. But what we’ve learned is that they are the forces that drive us – and most everyone who is called to work in healthcare. We work with you to leverage these powerful forces to achieve hard results: better performance outcomes that are demonstrable, measurable, and replicable.