Quint Studer

Co-Founder & Partner

Quint Studer is a lifelong student of leadership. He has a gift for translating complex strategies into doable behaviors that allow organizations to achieve long-term success.

Quint is the author of 15 books, beginning with his first title, BusinessWeek bestseller Hardwiring Excellence. While most of his books are geared to those working in healthcare, two of his general business books—Results That Last and The Busy Leader’s Handbook—became Wall Street Journal bestsellers. In 2021, he released The Calling: Why Healthcare Is So Special, which is aimed at helping healthcare professionals keep their sense of passion and purpose high. In 2023, the book Sundays with Quint, a collection of his most popular leadership columns, was released.

His new book, Rewiring Excellence: Hardwired to Rewired, provides tools and techniques that are doable and that help employees and physicians experience joy in their work as well as enhance patients’ and families’ healthcare experiences. The Human Margin: Building the Foundations of Trust, written in partnership with Katherine A. Meese, PhD, is due for publication in March 2024 by Health Administration Press (ACHE).

In his most recent venture to serve healthcare, he founded Healthcare Plus Solutions Group (HPSG), along with longtime colleague Dan Collard. The mission of the organization is to have a positive impact on those who receive care and those who provide care. HPSG specializes in helping healthcare organizations to diagnose and treat their most urgent pain points in order to achieve and sustain results.

Nicole has an intense desire to make a difference…and it shows. Throughout her work in events, sales & marketing, community work, and business development, Nicole’s career spanning 15 years has produced consistent results.

In 2014, Nicole joined Quint Studer as one of the first employees at Studer Community Institute. She was on the team that piloted the first early learning programs in Pensacola, FL. Nicole also spearheaded the small business training and development program, ultimately helping initiate EntreCon, a nationally known business and leadership conference. Most recently, she organized The Gratitude Symposium, impacting over 61,000 healthcare professionals with 45 expert speakers.

Today Nicole plays a vital role in working with partners and making an impact. She is a certified Management by Strengths trainer and manages all operations, assessments leads the data and research division, and helps organizations turn data into knowledge.

As a former Program and Events Manager for the Chamber of Commerce, she is instrumental in organizing and managing events that have an impact on individuals and organizations. Her extensive experience in sales and marketing with Cox Media has translated into success with organizations she assists. Whether managing partner engagement, managing book sales, designing and maintaining the website, the constant for Nicole is results.

Dan Collard