The Busy Leader’s Handbook

How to Lead People and Places That Thrive

Being a great leader means getting the fundamentals right. It also means consistently doing the “little things” that make a positive difference in the lives of employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Quint Studer’s The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How to Lead People and Places That Thrive is a practical, easy-to-use book filled with gentle reminders of what we should be doing every day—especially when work is at its most intense.

The Busy Leader’s Handbook Has Three Sections:

Section 1 delves into some key leader skills and behaviors.

Together, these chapters capture the mind-set, attitude, and capabilities the best leaders tend to possess. We all need to become the best leaders we can be before we’ll be able to bring out the best in others.

Section 2 is about optimizing employee performance.

It explores what exceptional leaders do (and don’t do) to create a positive, productive, engaging workplace culture and inspire people to consistently put forth their best efforts. Great leaders create environments in which people grow, thrive, and find a powerful sense of meaning. They lead teams in a way that create results far greater than the sum of the individual efforts.

Finally, Section 3 addresses strategic and foundational topics.

These chapters focus on the structure, processes, and groundwork that need to be in place if you’re to build a successful organization.

The Busy Leader’s Handbook functions as a desk reference and pocket guide for anyone in a leadership position. It’s also a great training tool for onboarding new leaders.

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