The Calling

Why Healthcare Is So Special

If there’s one thing all healthcare people have in common, it’s a great desire to be useful and helpful. This is our “calling” and we are born with it inside us. We enter the profession with a full emotional bank account. The challenge is to keep our sense of passion and purpose high so we can fully engage in the work we feel called to do.

In his book, The Calling: Why Healthcare Is So Special, Quint Studer has pulled together a lifetime’s worth of stories and insights designed to keep that emotional bank account overflowing—or to refill it for those who are running on empty.

First, Studer zeroes in on the barriers that hold us back: from the pace of change, to our normal psychological and emotional defense mechanisms, to the organizational flaws that keep us from being the best we can be. Then he moves on to accelerators. These are the mind shifts, tools, techniques, and best practices that transform cultures and help all of us in healthcare take the good work we’re already doing to an even higher level.

The book is for anyone and everyone who works in healthcare and wants to keep their sense of calling alive. Written in the simple, practical, easy-to-process style that has become Studer’s trademark—and packed with heartfelt stories that showcase the many gifts of healthcare workers—the book will inspire clinicians and non-clinicians alike to become even more helpful and useful to those they serve. 

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