Sundays with Quint

A Collection of Columns by Quint Studer

For the past several years, I have written a weekly leadership column for the Pensacola News Journal (PNJ). It shares practical advice on everyday issues that (I hope) is useful to leaders at all levels. So far, I’ve written more than 350 columns. Eventually, they spread beyond Pensacola and are frequently shared within organizations and communities.

I was honored when PNJ executive editor Lisa Nellessen Savage reached out about putting together Sundays with Quint. She selected 52 of her favorite columns and compiled them into this book. The goal is to encourage people to read one column a week to build the habit of refreshing their leadership skills.

Sunday has become a special day for me. It’s when the column comes out. It’s the day I hear from readers who work for various organizations and live in different communities. They reach out with calls and emails. We enjoy lengthy discussions, even the occasional friendly debate. Interestingly, many column suggestions come from readers. I learn so much on Sundays.

I have loved writing a weekly column. It has forced me to keep talking to lots of leaders, focus my thoughts, and write regularly. I hope reading these columns has helped make you a better leader. Thank you for letting me spend my Sundays with you. I am grateful.

-Quint Studer

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