The Human Margin

Building the Foundations of Trust
Quint Studer
Katherine Meese, PhD

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Respected researcher Katherine Meese has teamed up with Quint Studer, a well-known author and practitioner with more than 40 years of experience in helping healthcare organizations improve performance and become better workplaces. The result is a science-backed leadership book that integrates the latest workplace research with tactics to create high-performance environments where people can flourish.

The Human Margin: Building the Foundations of Trust interprets new research on what today’ s healthcare workforce really wants and finds that trust in leadership is at the heart of everything. Meese and Studer unfold the 10 building blocks most closely linked to building and sustaining trust. They explore each one, explaining the science behind the conditions leaders need to create and sharing tactics that help them get there. Topics include rewiring vital leadership skills and providing the autonomy employees crave when the solutions other industries offer (like remote work) aren’ t an option. The Human Margin is a must-read for leaders at every level. It will inspire you to start building the culture today’ s workforce craves and— even better— give you the practical tools to get there.

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