Rewiring Leadership In Post-Acute Healthcare

Equipping Leaders to Succeed
Quint Studer
Dan Collard
Shipping June 1

In 2003, Quint Studer authored the seminal healthcare leadership book Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference. The lessons in Hardwiring Excellence became a staple of leadership development for acute-care organizations. The Post-Acute Executive HR Roundtable has now partnered with Quint and Dan Collard to advocate for hardwiring existing best practices but to also rewire existing practices that hinder operational and financial success in post-acute.

Rewiring Leadership in Post-Acute Healthcare offers valuable insight into best practices in many areas critical to success in post-acute care.

  • Onboarding and orienting new hires with a purpose to improve long-term retention
  • Reducing the vicious cycle of “quick quits” using new approaches to new hires
  • Employing improved strategies to boost employee retention and engagement and lower contract labor costs
  • Employing new concepts to empower and develop local facility leaders

Rewiring Leadership in Post-Acute Healthcare is a must-read for all of us who want to transform post-acute to succeed in meeting today’s unprecedented challenges.”
—Eric Gillis, Senior Vice President, CareTrust REIT