Melanie Carpenter

Learning and Resource Advisor

Melanie Carpenter is passionate about improving the quality of care for patients and helping organizations to develop high impact leaders. She currently serves as the Learning and Resource Advisor for Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, overseeing the company’s partner relationship with Aramark Healthcare+.  She previously worked as a healthcare consultant for 10+ years with Studer Group/Huron Consulting and spent twelve years in hospitality leadership positions.

Melanie’s passion for improving patient experiences, developing leaders, and building employee engagement and retention drives her work and she has seen success with a broad spectrum of organizations from critical access to large academic health systems. As a keynote speaker or panelist, Melanie uses her personal patient experience to look at healthcare through a new lens and speak from the heart. She is driven by strong values, relationships, and tactics for results.

In previous roles, Melanie has developed new leader onboarding programs, served as project manager for the development of several leader skill building programs, and implemented numerous process change initiatives. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University and now lives in Pensacola, Florida with her husband. Her two adult children are married and live in Birmingham, AL and Orlando, FL.

Melanie joined Healthcare Plus Solutions Group (HPSG) because of her desire to make a difference and her alignment with the mission of the organization – “to have a positive impact on those that receive care and those that provide care”.

Nicole has an intense desire to make a difference…and it shows. Throughout her work in events, sales & marketing, community work, and business development, Nicole’s career spanning 15 years has produced consistent results.

In 2014, Nicole joined Quint Studer as one of the first employees at Studer Community Institute. She was on the team that piloted the first early learning programs in Pensacola, FL. Nicole also spearheaded the small business training and development program, ultimately helping initiate EntreCon, a nationally known business and leadership conference. Most recently, she organized The Gratitude Symposium, impacting over 61,000 healthcare professionals with 45 expert speakers.

Today Nicole plays a vital role in working with partners and making an impact. She is a certified Management by Strengths trainer and manages all operations, assessments leads the data and research division, and helps organizations turn data into knowledge.

As a former Program and Events Manager for the Chamber of Commerce, she is instrumental in organizing and managing events that have an impact on individuals and organizations. Her extensive experience in sales and marketing with Cox Media has translated into success with organizations she assists. Whether managing partner engagement, managing book sales, designing and maintaining the website, the constant for Nicole is results.

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