The Well-Being Handbook (Ebook)

Tools and Tactics to Help You and Your Organization Heal from Stress, Burnout, and Trauma
Quint Studer

Thank you for your interest in The Well-Being Handbook. It has been many years in the making. After serving on the boards of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and TriHealth, I’ve seen for a while that there’s a great need for mental health and wellness support for healthcare workers. When the pandemic hit, it was clear the need would get even more urgent and widespread.

In 2020, I did a wellbeing webinar with AUPHA (the Association of University Programs in Health Administration). Around that time, my team joined with TriHealth to put together a tool kit of best practices. Since then, we’ve gotten a number of requests for more information from doctors and others in healthcare.

From there we learned more and more and developed more tools and techniques. All of this led up to the creation of The Wellbeing Handbook. Now, I am grateful to offer not just this eBook, but also the Well-Being Tool Kit and video on Stress, Trauma, & Wellbeing. The tool kit and video are available to you at no charge.

Click HERE to order a hard copy. The Wellbeing Handbook is $5 to cover the costs of printing and shipping.

It is my hope that this eBook, along with the tool kit and the video, will be helpful for you, those who work for you, and the patients, families, and community members whose lives you touch.

Audiobook Now Available!