Trusted by CEOs, Boards, and executive teams, Lynne has helped drive transformational change and immediate operational impact in a number of healthcare organizations. She focuses executive teams on cascading aligned goals from key strategic priorities, then empowers leaders with the skill to create cultures of engagements to effectively drive change and achieve and sustain results. Possessing the unique ability to engage individuals at all organizational levels, Lynne quickly develops rapport that allows accurate diagnosis of organizational challenges and the development and execution of focused, effective plans for change.

Lynne has 35 years of experience working with healthcare organizations and physician organizations across the US and Canada. She previously served in senior leadership roles in academic medical centers and as a managing director and coach leader for Huron Consulting and Studer Group.

As a speaker, Lynne has energized, empowered and trained audiences of health leaders and providers across the US and Canada. From small workshops and seminars to keynote messages for audiences as large as 1500, she’s combined impactful lessons with humor and wit to consistently earn strong reviews.

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