29_Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Vincent Brown

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Vincent Brown

Want to redefine how you and your employees think about diversity? Vincent Brown, President & CEO of V. Randolph Brown Consulting, a boutique global, management consulting consortium, is on The Busy Leader’s Podcast this week to discuss the meaning of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our companies and lives.

Vincent has been making strides in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for over 35 years after he and his two partners asked the question: “What can we do to create a more inclusive world?” Since then, DEI have been at the forefront of Vincent’s message. In this episode, he dives into how DEI is beneficial for business, customer service, and innovation. He mentions that inclusion starts with good leadership. For companies to truly embody DEI, leaders must role model the ideals they want to implement among their employees. Companies need to be willing to make inclusion a strategic priority to make a meaningful difference. The biggest takeaway you will leave with after this episode is how DEI is not about fixing problems but about taking advantage of opportunities for all. Vincent emphasizes that we are all human, therefore we will make mistakes, but the actions we take after our mistakes is where true change lies.

Vincent also mentions his latest book he co-authored with Dr. Janet Reid, Intrinsic Inclusion: Rebooting Your Biased Brain. The first 50 people to email me at Quint@QuintStuder.com will receive a copy of this book!