61_Human-Centered Leadership: What It Really Looks Like with uleadership

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Kay Kennedy, Lucy Leclerc, and Susan Campis

When Kay Kennedy, Lucy Leclerc, and Susan Campis started the research for Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare, they had a long list of survey questions. However, it really came down to these two questions. First, describe the leader you’ve had in the past or currently whom you would follow to the ends of the earth. What does that leader look like? The second question was to describe the leader you’ve had in your current career and your life who made you want to leave a position or leave the profession. All that research and those conversations led them to create a body of work called “Human-Centered Leadership,” and it’s all about being high-touch in a high-tech world.

It’s not just a theory; it’s a philosophy, an approach, and a lens through which to see the workplace. They operationalized all their research into specific behaviors leaders can use to create these cultures of excellence, trust, and caring, and that are going to bring about the outcomes we’re all looking for.

At the center of Human-Centered Leadership is the idea that great leaders not only hit the metrics, but they also stay balanced and healthy in the process. Once you really understand the impact your own wellness has on your team, you can create a culture where well-being is a priority for everyone.

They are big believers in the butterfly effect. If a butterfly flaps its wings in South America, the changes can resonate to cause a tornado in Texas. If every leader makes one small change—wherever you are in the world and whatever the size of your environment, whether it’s a small unit or a system—that energy emanates outward and can make a big change. So flap your wings!

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