21_What “Love In Action” Looks Like with Tom Dahlborg

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Tom Dahlborg

Tom Dahlborg is all about helping others. He’s gifted at taking what he’s learned, capturing the lessons and then sharing them with others. In this week’s podcast, Tom talks about his two books that captured some important take-aways during two really tough times in his life.

In his first book, he talks about the experience of watching his son being bullied (mostly by adults) to the point where he tried to take his own life. In the Big Kid in Basketball…and The Lessons He Taught His Father and Coach, he talks about what parents and coaches should know about bullying, kids in trouble and how these adverse childhood experiences affect us as adults.

In his second book, From Heart to Head & Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system, he takes us through his experiences as both a patient who was told he would never work again and get in line for a heart transplant … and as a health leader with a mission to fix the brokenness of healthcare system.

With more than 35 years in healthcare leadership, Tom brings a very unique perspective and is able to share stories and reflections that not only inspire us, but they show us what real caring looks like in action. His real gift is connecting the head to the heart. Tom says that by bringing “love in action” in all we do, we not only deliver better patient care, but it also keeps our flames of goodness burning bright as healthcare workers and leaders.

In May, Tom will be presenting at The Gratitude Symposium, a free month-long series of online presentations from 43 well-known experts meant to thank, teach, and inspire those in healthcare.

His session is entitled “Gratitude in Action…a Foundation for HealthCARING.” All you have to do is register to view the material, and you can watch the videos on your schedule. Information on how to register can be found at www.thegratitudesymposium.com/.

To make it easy to register your entire workforce or student body, please contact Nicole Webb Bodie at Nicole@QuintStuder.com or 850-748-2027.

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