08_Building Mogul: Tiffany Pham Reveals the Thinking Behind the Platform that Revolutionized how Companies Hire Women and Minorities

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Tiffany Pham

Tiffany Pham’s grandmother was an entrepreneur who built companies across Asia. As she ran newspapers, restaurants, and resorts, she worked hard to provide others in need with information and opportunities. She was an incredible role model. On the day her grandmother passed away, Tiffany made a promise to her that she would spend the rest of her life working toward the same goal and mission…helping others.

Tiffany spent some time in the corporate world, learning everything she could and building her skill set. She also had a few side hustles to help fill in the gaps, all the while wondering how she could ever follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. Then the idea came to her. She taught herself to code at her kitchen table and started Mogul. Within a few weeks, she knew she had found her passion, so she quit her super safe corporate job and took the risk of a lifetime. It was that day that began fulfilling that promise to her grandmother and creating a company that is on the forefront of helping others, particularly women.

Tiffany doesn’t just long for diversity, she creates it! Mogul is now the premiere platform for connecting companies to diverse talent. By joining Mogul, you get access to a supportive community, job opportunities from Fortune 1000 companies (along with a technology match to make sure you are a good fit), access to virtual events, workplace research and a Learning Library where you can further develop your skill set. They serve entry level to the most senior-level women, minorities, and people of color worldwide and long-time clients include Amazon, IBM, Intel, Deloitte, Stanley Black & Decker, Nike, McKinsey, Bain, and more. Mogul has been praised by Sheryl Sandberg and referred to as “the perfect business” by Melinda Gates.

Tiffany is also the best-selling author of You Are a Mogul. In this podcast, she talks about the journey of taking risks (Note to self: live cheaply so you can afford to!), attracting world class investors and mentors, and being able to grow a company around something you are truly passionate about.

Quint Studer 0:00
Wow, this is an honor for me, Tiffany Pham. I met Tiffany a couple years ago and just amazed at who she is, what she’s done in her life. But even more importantly, what she’s doing right now to really change not only America but change the world, particularly for everyone but particularly for women. And that’s through her her company called mogul. So, Tiffany, for those who aren’t aware, would you describe mogul for our listeners, please?

Tiffany Pham 0:28
Absolutely, Quint, and honors online. Local, is ultimately the largest ecosystem for diverse talent development and diversity recruitment leadership, as well. In the world. At this time, we help support and create an incredible ecosystem to develop talents, women, minorities, people of color for them to be able to reach their goals, cultivate meaningful success, and currently reach over 140 6 million across our channels, web mobile web platform, email channels, social channels, worldwide best selling books across 56 countries, and annual sold out events all again, which helped to create an ecosystem to cultivate this talent to become the best talent possible in the world. But we also simultaneously then support over 400 at fortune 1000 clients and many of the world’s fastest growing companies to be able to attract this talent into their workplaces, and subsequently recruit them into leadership positions and above manager, director, VPS svps ebps, president’s chief officers, Board of Directors members, and as a result, diversify their workforces increase their diverse talent pipelines at leadership levels by 74.4% per year on average, and as a result, leading to more, again, equal workforces around the world, diverse workforces. And ultimately, with all the revenues earned, we subsequently have partnered with the United Nations and other organizations worldwide, to provide free educational resources to women and minorities in need globally, so as to be able to provide millions of dollars worth of free donations around the world. And these women minorities become a part of our ecosystem thereafter, and completes the circular model for global good in this way. So that’s a little bit more about mogul.

Quint Studer 2:16
Wow. Well, you know, typically when people hear that they must figure you’re my age, you know, 70 years old or so. And you’re not. So when I and I know a little bit about your background, your academic background, some of the things you did, you know, that were just tremendous, that I would think most people and I don’t wanna make it a generalization, but I think most people, if they looked at your success, you know, you were doing such incredible things, um, had great security, great dollars, great benefits. Great upside. So you sort of lead that to go full risk in a way to create mogul? So I’ve always found that it’s pretty difficult. Sometimes, you know, the entrepreneurs are risk takers, but calculated risk takers. So why did you leave some, I think some really remarkable opportunities to create mogul,

Tiffany Pham 3:11
Quint, and, you know, looking back at that decision, it was definitely one that I’m so proud that I took on headfirst. Because looking back, it definitely was risky. At the time, though, I didn’t think of it that way at all. And still to this day, I would do the exact same thing. And it was because I had always dreamt of one day following my grandmother’s footsteps. Since I was young. My grandmother was my role model. And she was this incredible woman who had similarly run companies across Asia, working to provide others in need with information and opportunities as she ran newspapers and restaurants and resorts and was just an incredible entrepreneur, entrepreneur herself. Looking up to her, I wanted always to follow in her footsteps. And so when I was young, I made a promise to her. Ashley, the day that she passed away that I would spend the rest of my life working towards the same goal and mission that she had had, no matter how hard or challenging I was going to spend every waking moment from then on working towards the same goal and mission to I promised. So ever since then, since I was 14 essentially, that’s all I’ve ever been working towards. And so as I aim to fulfill this promise I’ve made to her to myself, I ended up taking a number of different jobs, as you noted in the corporate world, was increasingly becoming increasingly successful in the corporate world. However, I always was doing so in order to one day acquire the skill sets that I knew I needed to have in order to start a company one day. So whether I was an executive at CBS or HBO or BBC, I was always doing so again to learn the skill sets there I needed to and that was within strategy business development. I was taking on side hustles at night with the Mirror of Beijing with different Hollywood talents in order to learn more beyond strategy, business development, perhaps in marketing, content creation and distribution. And so once I had all those skills, then one day as I came up with the idea for mogul, I suddenly realized that the one final skill set I didn’t have was, how to code how to actually create this idea of a platform that could help us all around the world with more information and opportunities as I’d first promised my grandmother, and I realized I didn’t have that skill set. So at night, I started to develop that skill set by after all of my jobs were done, subsequently clearing the kitchen table, teaching myself Ruby on Rails. And after a couple of weeks acquiring therefore the final skill set, I knew I needed to have to create this company one day. And as I taught myself how to code, I essentially did end up building the very first ugly version of mogul. And as I sent it out to all the women that were since then, follow me online and asked me help asking me for advice on how to get the same opportunities, promotions, interviews that they saw that I was having myself, then I ended up then being able to send it to them and saw a subsequent explosion on the platform, as we subsequently then became the fastest growing platform for women, minorities, people of color, diverse talent, and now are the largest worldwide. And looking back at that moment, as we exploded, there was no question that I should jump forward and take on this opportunity. Within a day, within 24 hours, I quit my current jobs in order to pursue this one. Because it was so fun. It was something I was so passionate about, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, I couldn’t wait to rush and work on this opportunity. And simultaneously, I also realized that all I needed in the world was just a little bit enough money to pay my rent, I just needed a little bit of money to pay the rent. And, and so I think that’s what made the perfect blueprint for entrepreneurship at that time. And I hope anyone listening today realizes and thinks about what they’re passionate about what they’re interested in, and whether they really need that much income to sustain themselves. Or maybe they just need a little bit, again for food and rent per month. And that’s all they need. And they should just go full force with the opportunity I had therefore, and this was even further reinforced when I read Ray Dalio, his principles, someone I look up to as well, when I was reading his book, you know, and how he started. Bridgewater, it was really interesting to hear that he made the exact same call, same decision. With the same philosophy in mind, all he needed was a little bit enough to pay his rent to didn’t matter if you’re in that much. He was so passionate about what he was doing. So I find that a lot of my most successful entrepreneur friends all have that same mindset. And that’s what enables us to drive forward with these risky moves.

Quint Studer 8:04
We know Tiffany, you sound very similar when I talk to entrepreneurs. Number one is you are an intrapreneur. In a way before you were not printer, you were developing your skills and developing your business while you were in your current jobs, which meant your current jobs benefited from your experience your talent. But you also were as you were there thinking about that next step that’s really similar to what I did to I was an intrapreneur trying to make the company I was working with great but also kind of figure out skills to transfer. The thing I tell many younger people is your goal is to look at your skill set and fill in those gaps with what you need. So it’s not what your title is or what your money is early on. It’s is this job going to give you the skills that you need to go to where you want to be. And the other thing that you brought up which years ago, I was fortunate enough to go to a seminar by Peter sangee, who wrote the book, The Fifth Discipline, and he really helped us all of us in our class for a week focusing on our goals and he just showed us we get even some physical exercises, visioning that showed if you focus on your goals, you’ll get over the barriers and you know your grandmother’s I’m sure even though she’s no longer physically with us I know she is spiritually it’s got to be feeling so great on the impact that you’re having so thank you so I’m a I’m a person I’m listening to this and maybe I’m one of the few people that don’t know about mogul if you’ve talked to me in the last two years they know about mogul because I talk about it all the time. But for someone to join mogul, is there a cost How do I go about doing this? If I’m listening I go to the website mogul which we can hit really easy. Tell me what comes next. Is there a cost?

Tiffany Pham 9:50
are most people joining mobile there won’t be a cost you can enjoy all the benefits of mobile and all of its features generally for free. You go to on logo.com slash join, and it’ll list out all the benefits you get, and you get a lot for a free membership. That said, if you’re looking for a little bit more deeper connection with really high profile people amongst your industry, you can play a small nominal fee, which is really a small investment in yourself. And that’s $59 a year at this time. And ultimately, for that small nominal fee, you get to become a part of a professional network that is within your specific industry and function. And ultimately, deepen your connection therefore, with those others within that industry and function, and subsequently, also, therefore, have more alignment with them deeper relationships, and subsequently, then have the absolutely amazing other features that are available to a free member to. So in other words, no matter which membership, you get free or premium, you’ll get access to a lot. But what’s exciting about the premium membership is that what I just described as being able to network amongst a network of your professionals within your industry, and function really does accelerate you. And ultimately also, we provide specific opportunities at the executive level as well to the premium membership. So for example, as a one highlight for the year, we’ve had placements across so many organizations at this time at the executive level, that were really game changing not only for the individual, but for the organization and the world. And one highlight that specifically comes to mind was a woman who let us know that she joined As a premium member on mobile. And within days, just a handful of days, someone within mobile had already contacted her for SEO overall at a public company. And within a few days after that, she was already getting interviews for that CEO overall. And within days after that was already in conversations and final interviews with the CEO of that public company. And she landed the role. For $59 a year, she essentially became the C suite Officer of a major public company, and is actually now not only the CEO, but is in line to become its future CEO, which is always the aim of this role. So it’s really transformational, the high ROI that can come from this small nominal investment. And I’m really delighted to be able to offer it to your audience today. When

Quint Studer 12:24
I think when when I look at mogul, it’s almost like if you go on mogul, you have it you’re networking with networks, you’re giving them access to all these networks, whether it’s something that’s more personal to connect with on how do I deal with this situation to maybe early job, mid job, as you said late job, it seems like a member can almost find almost any type of development that they need, can’t they if they go to mobile, or you can connect them with somebody that can help them find that skill set or that development opportunity they’re looking for.

Tiffany Pham 12:58
Exactly, because as a member of Mogul, whether it’s free or premium, you get access to a community generally overall. Subsequently, you also get access to job opportunities. And again, if you’re a premium, you’ll get access to executive level roles. And finally, you also get access to workplace research across all these organizations that our clients across the fortune 1000 and more so as to really ensure you’re fitting into the culture that you’re going to be joining. If you do change into the role at a one of our client companies. Subsequently, you also gain access to events all around the world, virtual events that enable you twice a week, hundred plus times a year to be able to further develop your skill sets personally professionally. And then those events become recorded and available. And within our Learning Library archives are by you can see forever. After all the incredible chief officers across companies and experts and influencers and more speaking to the specific skill set again, you’re looking to develop. So a whole host of resources we offer. Beyond that, of course our books as well become available to our members to quench your major champion of our books. Thank you, you are a mogul and grow mobile, both available for members to also be able to access and further develop themselves as well.

Quint Studer 14:19
Um, yeah, I’m just so thrilled with what you do. And in fact, you know, this is self oriented. But as you know, we’re trying to recruit somebody to head up over all our retail operations. And so let’s say that I’ve made this decision. We’ve got shops and retail, and I’m now looking for someone to oversee all of that. And of course, I think almost every company is looking for talent, and then the past, we’ve limited ourselves because much of the county isn’t women isn’t minorities and hasn’t been of color. Because of our really an ability to access and recruit those individuals and I take full responsibility. It’s something we’re working really hard on ourselves. So what how would I go about? If I had a job I’m looking to fill? What would I do? When I can’t get mobile? How would I go about accessing your services, so, you know, helping you find talent.

Tiffany Pham 15:14
The first thing you would do is provide us the job description. And ultimately, our team would review this job description in detail every single bullet point, make sure that it’s down to the granular detail, the why why why behind each point has been outlined, and ultimately, ensure it’s inclusive as well. Make sure it resonates, resonates with diverse leadership, which is key, every single word being neutral, being inclusive and its approach. Second, our team would run a fully diversified search, we would present you with a diversified slate of candidates because we have a leave no stone unturned methodology, we look for the best of the best. And we ensure a full inclusivity in terms of gender, and ethnicity. So as to ensure again, you’re looking for the best of the best truly in the world for this role. And subsequently upon your approvals, we would then run a 360 evaluation, full interviews full reports quantitatively qualitatively ensuring the talent fits within your criteria, past present future personality experienced potential, look at it 360, the candidate report will be presented to you and at which point upon your approvals will then select the final candidate, who will then negotiate with the candidate using an inclusive approach again, which is our methodology. And finally, in Step five, we’ll integrate them in three months out six months out, we’ll continue to make sure they’re performing well within your retail role, and subsequently provide also webinar trainings to this individual free of charge, that we were actually commissioned by various government institutions, including the New York Department of Education to create equity training for the workplace, will provide this to you free of charge, and subsequently, also provide you a peace of mind Guarantee. If ever this person were to depart within six months, due to their own personal reasons, or more, will replace free of charge. This has never been triggered before by any of one of our clients that we will provide this to you. And it is one process, therefore, that in every single step along the way, I hope you can see, it’s inclusive, and its approach, ensuring full inclusivity every step of the way for the overall process to ensure you’ve landed the best the best in the world for your role. And so what you’ve pointed out is essentially a global issue. Right now, most organizations when they recruit are leveraging their own networks. And ultimately, from that, it leads us to a global issue. Why because 90% of the time, senior positions, such as the one you’re highlighting, are found through networking 90% of the time that these positions are found through networking, and 85% of those who hold senior positions are typically non diverse. So in other words, we require 90% of the time for diverse talent to have to network with non diverse talents in order to reach the top these managerial positions and above. So it’s going to take us into 65 more years for us to reach parity 2065 for us reach parity number 132 years for us to reach parity at the wage level. So therefore, when we work with incredible organizations like yours, pioneer leaders, like you, Quint are able to directly address this issue and provide us with a better world.

Quint Studer 18:39
People listen, because obviously, when you look at when you say the word free of charge free of charge for your charge, it’s incredible. People have to wonder, Well, how do you do this? Well, I think people might not. You attracted some unbelievably vital investors or early on? I don’t think they invested to make money. I think they invested or helped you get started because they believe in what you and you’re trying to do. I want to tell the group some of the people that have been helping you along the way way because it’s pretty fascinating. The people you’ve attracted that believe in you and your mission.

Tiffany Pham 19:15
Thank you quick. Absolutely. We’re so honored to have you as a champion. We’re also champion by investors such as the largest investors walk by like Hearst Corporation, which is one of the largest private companies here in the US, owners of 17 Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, and we’re also invested in by SoftBank, which is also one of the largest investors worldwide with their funds. Being investors in we work and Uber. We were one of the first female led companies they’ve ever invested in and we’re really proud of that again, because they are game changing investor worldwide. We’re also backed by the founders of LinkedIn learning the founders of Comcast founders of match.com founders of the nazi.com, the wedding platform. So a lot of incredible founders and leaders and companies have invested in mogul. And our own board is made up of myself, Suzy Orman, the CEO of Warner Brothers, former chairman of Hearst magazines, founders of match the knot, heads of VC partners, the PE firm, McGraw Hill education and TV Washington Post. So a lot of incredible board members, investors, and then our clients, again, meant I mentioned include over 480 of the Fortune 1000, and many of the world’s fastest growing companies across industries and sectors. That includes IBM, Nike, Under Armour, Amazon, McKenzie, Bain, Intel, Stanley, Black and Decker and so many more, I can’t even name a bed, I’m excited that we have so many amazing leaders who see the same world as we do, who invasion envision the same future as we do. And so we’re delighted to have all this incredible leadership and companies around us alongside us in this journey all this time.

Quint Studer 21:09
Yeah, I’ve loved your stories about early on how you attracted some of them, because they were just caught up, I think, because we’ve taken something that’s so overwhelming and so complex, but you’ve made it doable for the average person to start, or at least put their toes in the water, but it goes into mobile. And they understood that I think they understood that you took something complex, and broke it down into steps that were somewhat doable. So I think that’s, that’s really wonderful. As we ramp up, Tiffany, and I think when people hear this, what I love most, and I follow you on social media, is when a person reads your book, are exposed to you and your website. And they just put such unbelievable poster, you know, not only and even young, as you know, when you were here in Pensacola, we hear you speak to high school girls, because you know, your books are so popular with that age group too, because you’ve written a few, some for that age group, some for older age group, I guess a lot how they will post. You know what they’ve underlying a page in your book, The yellow mark, and they just tired of tell how you’ve impacted their life. So I’m sure you have lots of stories, but you have a story as we wrap up for our listeners, because sometimes, you know, we’ve talked a lot about some really big steps. But I think knowing you, it’s that’s important. But I think what’s important, is helping that that person in some community or some country have a little bit of a better outlook on life, or you’ve changed their life or you’ve impacted them. I mean, when I read these stories are very emotional on social media, the impact you have on people is their one favorite story or a few favorite stories you’ve had that somebody contacted you or posted something that sort of grabbed your heart.

Tiffany Pham 22:56
Absolutely. And, you know, I think I’m touched by every single story that comes in. And it’s always so surprising, because you are Mogul is focused on helping adults in the workplace, you know, accelerate themselves, girl moguls focused on the younger generation. So I hear from young people, older people, and I hear it from all around the world. And I hear it from those on the rise. And I hear it from people that you think might have already made it, but don’t think of themselves that way. So just seeing the full breadth of people that I hear from, it’s just incredible. For example, you know, I hear from a young girl in Korea, that girl mogul really impacted her. She wrote me a number of letters saying that she was feeling bullied at school, she ended up reading the book, it gave her so much confidence, she started thriving. She wants other girls in South Korea to experience the same change in confidence. She translated the whole book into a Korean and subsequently had to get our publishers permission so that she could distribute the book for free through her Korean translation to schools and libraries all across South Korea. So that was a beautiful story. And then they use our mobile site for adults. I heard from the head of Dale Carnegie training in Nigeria, saying this book was so powerful for him as a man that he subsequently bought subsequent more books, hundreds of copies of the books for the other Nigerians, and asked if I would therefore speak at his upcoming launch event for Nigeria. And so just incredible to see the countries that resonate with the lessons within the books. Adults are young, whatever it may be. And again, sometimes on the rise, incredible, incredible entrepreneurial women and men contacting me letting me know there, they’ve read either book, and it led them to feel inspired to quit their jobs to go for their next opportunity to start the next business. So many hours on the rise, and then some who you think might have already made it, but the books already resonated continue to resonate with them as well, such as Paris Hilton, about a month or two ago, I happen to see that for some reason Paris Hilton was talking about me and an article. And I was stunned. And just so again, feeling so pleasantly surprised when this very, you know, interesting and intriguing business woman cited that her favorite book that she was reading was your mogul, and that she believes it just resonates so much with her and she just loves it so much. And so anyways, no matter who it is, no matter where in their career, they are, it seems that the books resonate. And that’s been really especially touching for me.

Quint Studer 25:45
But Tiffany, we appreciate you being on for our listeners, even though we have the beginning gave some information. And we’ll have Nicole Webb, Bodie, come back on after you and I end this here, and she’ll give all the information on how to contact you and how to contact get on mogul, how to get your books, we sell your books in our bookstore. So I’m Tiffany one. I don’t know why things happen. But one of the best things that happened to me was meeting you. And you’ve always been so kind, so loving to Rishi and I am so great about coming to our community, and speaking and I just remember when we had a group of young ladies who don’t have all the options and opportunities, and we brought him to, to listen to you. And it was so neat, because as they saw you, just behind they saw you and they got so excited. It was like, you know, watching somebody with a rock star and everybody gets so excited. There she is, there she is, but it’s what I love about you is you’re so approachable, because you know what’s in your heart, and you’re in your heart is really make this world a better place. And you are doing that. Again, thank you so much for taking time to be on this podcast. Very, very grateful to you.

Tiffany Pham 26:56
Thank you. I’m grateful to you and grateful to our friendship and similarly so honored by the relationship we’ve developed over the years. So thank you so much again for having me and delighted to continue to be a part of the community and and your world. Thank you Quinn.

Quint Studer 27:11
Thank you