37_How Belonging and Being a Part of a Team Impacts Well-being with Dr. Stephen Beeson

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Dr. Stephen Beeson

Joining the Busy Leader’s Podcast is Dr. Stephen Beeson who is an author, physician, speaker and founder of Practicing Excellence. He and his company have helped hundreds of medical groups and hospitals across the country develop their clinicians in ways that transform the experience for those receiving and providing care.

Throughout this podcast, Dr. Beeson shares how they help clinicians, teams and leaders build new skills that help them experience more of those restorative moments of patient connectivity, team collaboration and leadership effectiveness. These are the moments that help people soar, and they can happen throughout an organization.

Learn how creating a sense of belonging may be the greatest burnout counter method there is and how providing people the skills to allow “team” to manifest, so much so that people wake up Monday morning excited to go to work and hang out with their tribe. This podcast will give you a greater understanding that we have dominion over the things that drive the human experience and how adjusting one’s is mindset and leadership approach are elements.

About Dr. Stephen Beeson 


Dr. Stephen Beeson is a nationally recognized author, physician, and speaker.

A board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Beeson practiced with the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in San Diego County for 18 years. During his tenure with the medical group, Dr. Beeson was selected by Sharp HealthCare leadership to serve as the Physician Director for the Experience,” an organizational commitment tooperationalize service excellence. Dr. Beeson’s patients ranked him in the 99th percentile nationwide, and the San Diego County Medical Society voted Dr. Beeson as one of San Diego’s best physicians for eight consecutive years. During this time, the medical group improved their patient satisfaction from the bottom to the top decile, won three AMGA Acclaim Honoree awards for clinical performance, and with Sharp Healthcare was the recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige Award.

Dr. Beeson’s first book, “Practicing Excellence A Physician’s Manual to Exceptional Health Care,” became a national bestseller that articulates a prescriptive “how-to” approach to improve physician performance to drive organizational success. In 2009, he released his second book, “Engaging Physicians: A Manual to Physician Partnership.” This critically acclaimed book takes system leaders on a staged journey to physician enrollment in organizational change efforts.

Most recently, Dr. Beeson founded Practicing Excellence, which builds skills to drive outcomes in well-being, patient experience, and leadership effectiveness. Built for busy clinicians, their micro-learning approach delivers short, evidence-derived, video-based coaching to clinicians, leaders, and teams through a mobile app. They partner with some of the nations’ largest health systems and medical groups to deliver coordinated skill-building programs that provide measurable results. Learn more at www.practicingexcellence.com.



Gratitude Symposium talk by Dr. Stephen Beeson – Finding Gratitude When Life is Hard

The frontline care teams have been through one of the most challenging times in healthcare ever. Exacerbation of burnout, thoughts of retiring early, anxiety, depression, and PTSD have come into our beautiful healing profession.

In this session, we spend a few moments on the personal impact of what healthcare has been through, then flip the tables on how the pandemic has magnified purpose, built new friendships, created innovation and restored so many through the experience of shared suffering through the simplicity of gratitude for the people at our elbow and the opportunities before us.


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