43_Quint Studer Takes a Look Back

Hosted by Dan Collard with special guest Quint Studer

Today we have a special treat for our listeners. We’ve heard your feedback that you would like to hear more from Quint. We’ve brought in Dan Collard, longtime friend and colleague of Quint to play host for the busy leader’s podcast. Quint sits in the guest seat as he looks back and shares what he has learned over the last 5 years.From early brain research and development to the start of covid and where we are at today. Learn more about overall well-being and why it’s more important now than ever. Quint shares what he has learned with co-worker and supervisor relationships, selection and onboarding, training and development and more.

Resources can be found at www.thegratitudegroup.com.

As a special edition episode, watch the interview HERE.