45_When Times are Tough, Lean Into Relationship Building with Bob Murphy and Dr. Anthony Orsini

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Bob Murphy and Dr. Anthony Orsini

When times are tough, lean in to relationship building. With healthcare systems stretched to their limits, it’s vital that employees feel engaged, supported, and genuinely cared for. Today’s guests discuss why the most successful leaders are those who proactively lean in and build trusting relationships that go beyond the basic “check in.”
You’ll learn:

  • How to hold real conversations that establish commonalities and rapport and encourage people to open up.
  • How to make one-on-one human-to-human connections with your team, and why this makes your job as a leader more fulfilling and rewarding.
  • How to ensure that your non-verbal cues (body language) are consistent with your words
  • Why “How can I help” is a far more powerful phrase than “Do you need anything?”

When we lean in, not only do we foster the kind of relationships employees crave, we’re more likely catch mental health issues before they become major problems.

Dr. Anthony Orsini has spent the last 25 years developing proven communication techniques that help doctors build rapport and quickly form trusting relationships with their patients. Dr. Orsini is a practicing physician, author and frequent speaker on the topic of compassionate communication in medicine. He is the Level II Medical Director at one of the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the world. He also serves as Chief of Patient Experience and Palliative Care Liaison for his neonatal practice.
Dr. Orsini’s Gratitude Symposium Presentation

Bob Murphy is a corporate chaplain, executive coach and speaker who has presented around the world to hundreds of thousands of leaders on performance excellence, service, and many other leadership topics. He is an expert on how to become a high performing organization, department, leader and employee. Bob is a registered nurse and an attorney, currently serving as the chief of medical missions and director of international programs for GBS Institute.

Bob Murphy’s Gratitude Symposium Presentation