09_How an Employee Engagement Survey was the Springboard for Growth and Productivity with Peter Mougey

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Peter Mougey

When Peter Mougey, at Levin Papantonio, decided to utilize the employee engagement survey with his department within the law firm, he knew it was a good investment. He thought he would learn how motivated and engaged his employees were and how they felt about their work experience and the firm in general—and he did learn. The big surprise was all the other insights revealed by the survey.

In this conversation with Quint, Mougey delves into the deeper truths the survey revealed about his firm: its strengths and weaknesses, where communication shortfalls lay, the flaws in how performance was assessed and progress gauged, and more. He also talks about how they used the findings to revamp their processes, create great new tools, and build a stronger infrastructure.

The culture that grew from this survey is one where people are more aligned and engaged, where collaboration happens on a deeper level, where performance and progress improve year after year. The changes have allowed the firm to work successfully on some of the biggest, most complex cases in the country. And as a bonus, Mougey has become a much better leader in the process.

If you’ve never considered the benefits of seeking real and honest feedback from your employees, this podcast will convince you that it’s a true game-changer.