42_Relooking at the Healthcare Industry with Dr. Paul Keckley and Nate Kaufman

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Dr. Paul Keckley and Nate Kaufman

Joining today’s podcast is Dr. Paul Keckley and Nate Kaufman. During this podcast learn how uncertainty is playing a role in healthcare policy and how partisanship has become the driver with more activity going to the state level. They share some of their biggest concerns which includes healthcare expenses going up faster than revenue. They also share their recommendation for the healthcare industry to relook at anything that is tied to patient care and to refocus on hospital operations. And don’t miss as Nate and Paul describe the top 3 things they recommend for a CEO to focus on.

Dr. Keckley is Managing Editor of The Keckley Report and Managing Partner of The Keckley Group which provides market research, advisory, and policy analysis services to health systems, health insurers, technology companies, and investors.

He is widely considered an industry thought leader on healthcare industry trends and regulatory policy and served as a facilitator between the White House Office of Health Reform and major industry trade groups in developing the Affordable Care Act.

Nathan Kaufman is Managing Director of Kaufman Strategic Advisors. With over 40 years of experience as a strategist, executive, and negotiator, Nate is considered one of the nation’s most experienced industry experts. He is a strategic advisor to healthcare executives, boards, physician groups, and other healthcare companies. He is known for his practical advice focusing on succeeding in the new post-ACA, MACRA, value-based- risk environment. In addition, he is a seasoned negotiator and has successfully completed hundreds of transactions.

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Paul Keckley, PhD
Managing Editor, Managing Partner
The Keckley Report and The Keckley Group

Nate Kaufman M.S.
Managing Director & Founder
Kaufman Strategic Advisors, LLC