58_Relieving Fear and Anxiety in Patients and Employees with Mindy G. Spigel, RN, MSN, CPXP

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Mindy G. Spigel, RN, MSN, CPXP

Anyone who works in healthcare knows patients struggle with anxiety and worry and fear. Yet it’s easy to get so caught up in our day-to-day work, with all its stress and chaos, that we can lose sight of this truth—as well as the fact that employees, too, can be fearful. In this episode, Mindy G. Spigel, RN, MSN, CPXP—author of the new book There’s a Snake on My Head! Strategies for Alleviating Fear and Anxiety in Healthcare for Patients, Families AND Healthcare Teamsexplores this critical subject.

Mindy says when we talk to a patient, we need to imagine they have a snake on their head. That snake is fear. If we can’t get rid of the snake first, how will they hear anything we say? They won’t—and compliance and outcomes will suffer. She says in her research study interviewing families about their fears and how to reduce them, the findings boiled down to this: “Keep me informed, keep me safe, keep me comfortable.” She hopes shining a light on this topic will not only lead to better outcomes, it will help healthcare workers reconnect to their purpose.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why acknowledging and reducing fears in both patients and employees matters
  • How we can train ourselves to see the “snakes” on people’s heads
  • Impactful steps we can take to help reduce those fears and worries
  • How to also reduce anxiety for employees (including new hires and transitions in leadership)
  • Why we’re still playing catch-up after COVID-19—and how we can rebuild camaraderie, trust, and those critical networks and learning environments

Mindy G. Spigel, RN, MSN, CPXP, is a nurse with over 40 years of experience in healthcare, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Mindy has taught in academic and clinical settings and has been honored to speak at numerous national, state, and local conferences.

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Mindy’s New Book: There’s a Snake on My Head! Strategies for Alleviating Fear and Anxiety in Healthcare For Patients, Families AND Healthcare Teams
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