34_Leadership is a Mindset with Mike Harbour and Brian Haas 

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Mike Harbour and Brian Haas 

Leadership is a mindset, not a skillset and it starts with purpose. Mike Harbour and Dr. Brian Haas join the podcast to share information about their presentations at The Gratitude Symposium as well as helpful resources for changing the mindset.

Mike is the founder and president of Harbour Resources, a leadership consulting, training, and talent management firm. During the podcast he shares 4 ways individuals can create a path of upward mobility in their life and leadership to experience more peace, more success, and more abundance in their life, business, and leadership of others.

Dr. Brian Haas is hospitalist, and physician leader and coach who explores how life stressors can deplete your emotional intelligence reserves and how this can negatively impact, your patients, your family, your friends and lead to burnout and dissatisfaction with your career. During the podcast Brian provides strategies to create an environment and culture to maximize the human potential.

Take a listen to learn valuable resources to help your mindset and replenish your emotional intelligence.


Mike Harbour

Brian Hass

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