36_I Didn’t Do Anything Special, I Was Just Doing My Job with Bonnie and Mark Barnes, The DAISY Foundation

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Bonnie and Mark Barnes, The DAISY Foundation

What may be ordinary to you, is extraordinary to someone else. Bonnie and Mark Barnes, co-founders of The DAISY Foundation join the podcast to share the impact and the difference that recognition makes. The DAISY Foundation expresses gratitude to nurses with programs that recognize them for the extraordinary skillful, compassionate care they provide to patients and families.

The DAISY Foundation was created to express gratitude to nurses by the Barnes Family in their son Patrick’s memory.

Bonnie and Mark share the power of recognition and how compassionate care impacts the patient and the family. Hear stories about the little things that make the biggest difference and the how the role of a nurse has evolved during Covid.


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