41_How Innovation and Creativity Can Create Fast and Meaningful Change with Lyn Ketelsen and Colby Jubenville

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Lyn Ketelsen and Colby Jubenville

Joining the podcast is Lyn Ketelsen and Colby Jubenville. Lyn Ketelsen has experienced health care in a variety of settings and roles for 40 years. She currently shares her expertise as a consultant, executive coach, and the founder of KLK Leading Change Inc.

Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D. is an accomplished international speaker, author, educator, and coach. Currently the Director of Middle Tennessee State University’s CBHS Center for Student Coaching and Success, he is a member of the Honors College faculty and holds an academic appointment as Special Assistant to the Dean for Student Success and Strategic Partnerships in the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences.

During the podcast Colby and Lyn share how the pandemic is providing an opportunity for leaders and organizations to relook at what skills are needed in today’s environment. They discuss how being able to find solutions that are fast, meaningful, and articulate a vision of the future of healthcare that are differentiators. Throughout this podcast, learn how to adopt and refine best practices and understand what skills leaders need to be able to manage rapid change; as well as ways to use innovation to find the best solutions. You will also learn 4 questions that create meaningful relationships that build trust and how focusing on the best cast scenario can lead to success.



Lyn Ketelsen’s presentation

Colby Jubenville’s presentation

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