32_Becoming Better Listeners and Leaders with Linda Deering Dean and Don Dean

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Linda Deering Dean and Don Dean

Being a good listener is the key to being a great leader. Executive Coaches and National Speakers, Linda Deering Dean and Don Dean join Quint this week on The Busy Leader’s Podcast to share their advice on how to become a more empathetic listener and an overall better leader.

Linda has a passion for improving leaders, employees, and organizations. She shares how in order for individuals to be great leaders they must be coachable—in order for people to be coachable we must let go of our egos. She highlights that great leadership starts with self-awareness.

Don emphasizes how being an empathetic listener, especially when it comes to patient care, can make a world of difference in patient satisfaction. Being a good listener starts with being present in a conversation. Don provides tips to ensure your patients know you are listening to them and making sure they know you care.


Presentation from The Gratitude Symposium:

“Caring From The Heart” – Don Dean
“Outstanding Leadership is a Choice” – Linda Deering Dean

Book referenced: Compassionomics| Evidence That Caring Makes a Difference by Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli