31_The Power of Storytelling with Kristin Baird and Jeff Atwood

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Kristin Baird and Jeff Atwood

Looking to reconnect back to your purpose? Kristin Baird, President and CEO, of Baird Group, and Author, Speaker, and Healthcare leader, Jeff Atwood are on The Busy Leader’s Podcast this week to share the power of storytelling and the deep and impactful way it connects us to each other.

Kris explains how having a great patient experience starts with having a great culture; having a great culture retains talent. She says that the best way to build a great culture within your organization is by having an unrelenting focus on people as individuals. Healthcare organizations tend to spend more time recruiting new people rather than retaining the talent they already have. Kris empathizes that when we get to know our people better and listen to their stories, we then know how to coach and lead them better. Stories connect us back to our purpose.

Unlike Kris, Jeff never intended to get into the healthcare industry. It wasn’t until his daughter Madison was born that Jeff saw first-hand the difference that healthcare workers make each day. Going to doctor’s offices and hospitals regularly with his daughter, Jeff saw the impact that Madison’s story made on those who listened. He soon discovered the power of storytelling. Jeff explains how we must focus on the importance of telling stories because hearing and understanding the story of a patient can make all the difference in their care.

The is a must-listen for healthcare leaders, providers, workers, or anyone looking to connect back to their calling.


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