18_The Secret to Creating a Positive Company Culture with Kevin Sheridan

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Kevin Sheridan

Employee engagement has always been important, but now with a virtual workforce, it’s even more vital that people stay connected to the workplace and to each other. But it’s never been harder. NYT best-selling author Kevin Sheridan is on the podcast this week to share some of his best practices as they relate to leadership in this whole new world.

Sheridan talks about the role of culture in keeping people engaged, particularly during stressful times. One major, but often overlooked, component of a positive company culture is having fun in the workplace. Research shows that companies that make fun a part of their culture have much lower burnout rates and less turnover. Sheridan shares great examples of companies that have made fun a measurable part of their culture. Quint and Sheridan share real-life stories where “fun” not only made the employees happy, but it became part of the company’s brand with customers. You’ll not only get solid research on the benefits of fun but also some great ideas for making fun part of your business plan.