16_Courage in the Moment: Showing Up When It Counts with Joe Tye

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Joe Tye

When we think of courage, we often think Medal of Honor kind of bravery. But according to Joe Tye, this week’s podcast guest, there are many examples of everyday courage to be noticed and celebrated. Think of the courage of a housekeeper who goes into a hospital room to clean after a COVID-19 patient has been there so they can bring in another patient, the courage of a nurse who sits with a dying patient and an iPad while they say goodbye to their family, the courage of a grocery store clerk who checks out the person not wearing a mask. There are countless examples.

From all his work inside hospitals, Joe could see that COVID was pushing them to the brink. Depression and anxiety were rampant. He started to think about what he could do to help, as he could see they were struggling. Joe’s latest initiative, Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times, provides some answers.

The program consists of videos, e-books, and supplemental materials designed to help employees navigate today’s challenging world. It features 21 videos (11 minutes each), which are short conversations on courage and perseverance. The videos show people that they are doing extraordinary things and encourage them to keep pushing forward. Video and e-book themes include:

  • How to manage anxiety, fear, and worry, which are three different emotional states
  • The difference between fear and courage
  • How to confront irrational fears and choose emotional battles wisely
  • How to reprogram negative self-talk
  • How to leave behind negative emotional baggage
  • Staying on top when the world is upside down

Joe Tye is the leading authority on values-based leadership skills cultural transformation. He is the author or coauthor of 15 books, including his newest release, Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare.