23_Healthcare’s Hottest Trends in 2021 (Based on The Beryl Institute Research) with Jason Wolf

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Jason Wolf

This week Quint talks with Jason Wolf, PhD, CPXP, from The Beryl Institute an organization committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare through research and the sharing of best practices. They focus on patients and families, as well as those who work in healthcare and the communities they serve.

In this episode, Jason shares with Quint the latest research from the Institute around understanding the human experience in healthcare. He reveals which ideas gained strength during the pandemic, as well as upcoming trends, including the growing acknowledgment of patients as consumers, a bigger spotlight on the healthcare workforce, healthcare inequities and disparities, the importance of communities, and how all these things impact the human experience in healthcare.

In May, Jason will be presenting at The Gratitude Symposium, a free month-long series of online presentations from 45 well-known experts meant to thank, teach, and inspire those in healthcare.

His session is entitled “To Care Is Human: Elevating the Human Experience in Healthcare and Beyond.” All you have to do is register to view the material, and you can watch the videos on your schedule. Information on how to register can be found at www.thegratitudesymposium.com/.

To make it easy to register your entire workforce or student body, please contact Nicole Webb Bodie at Nicole@QuintStuder.com or 850-748-2027.

To Care Is Human: Elevating the Human Experience in Healthcare and Beyond

In this talk, Jason Wolf discusses how healthcare at its heart is built on a simple premise: We are human beings caring for human beings. This idea is grounded in the reality that both those who seek care and those who provide it agree that what matters most is the relationships they build through listening and communicating clearly, teamwork, and respect. The evidence shows that with a commitment to caring and to the human experience provided in every healthcare encounter, healthcare organizations can and will achieve the quality and financial results desired and the loyalty they seek. In the end, the humanity on which healthcare is built may be its greatest key to success.

Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience 2021
This report is a follow-up to The Beryl Institute’s 2018 study, Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience 2021 reveals the qualities healthcare consumers look for in a healthcare experience remains much the same, even during a global pandemic. The data also provides a clear call to action. In order for healthcare providers to remain viable and competitive long-term, they must reinforce their efforts to deliver an exceptional experience and focus on being genuinely patient/consumer-centered.