48_Leading and Growing Through Times of Unprecedented Change and Uncertainty with Jamie Orlikoff and Michael Pugh

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Jamie Orlikoff and Michael Pugh

Jamie Orlikoff and Michael Pugh discuss some of the ways leaders will have to evolve as we all navigate complicated problems that don’t have any easy solutions.

You’ll learn:

  • How to deal with feelings of failure in senior leaders who are dealing with staffing problems that are largely out of their control (and how their boards can support them through uncertain times).
  • Why and how to recapture hospital leadership’s role as a leading voice in health, not just healthcare delivery.
  • Why community health should be on everyone’s radar and how hospitals can find innovative solutions to promote wellness.
  • How to keep polarization from disrupting your organization and keep everyone united around giving patients the best care possible.
  • Why healthcare delivery must be at the center of your healthcare system and drive all your redesign efforts.
  • Finding the bright spots and redesigning care teams and processes for the workplace of the future: Why senior leaders need to take an honest look at the changes they’ve made during the pandemic and ask themselves, Is this something we should continue moving forward?

James E. Orlikoff is president of Orlikoff & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in health care governance and leadership, strategy, quality, patient safety, and system development.  He is the National Advisor on Governance and Leadership to the American Hospital Association and Health Forum. He was named one of the 100 most powerful people in healthcare in the inaugural list by Modern Healthcare magazine.

Mr. Orlikoff has been involved in leadership, quality, and strategy issues for over forty years. He has consulted with hospitals and systems in twelve countries, and since 1985 has worked with hospital and system governing boards to strengthen their overall effectiveness and their oversight of strategy and quality. He has worked extensively on improving the relationships between boards, medical staffs, and management. He has written fifteen books and over 100 articles and has served on hospital, college, and civic boards. He is currently the Chair of the Board of the St. Charles Health System in Bend, OR and was the Vice Chair of the Virginia Mason Health System Board in Seattle, WA, and chair of their Governance Committee until reaching the maximum limit of his term.

He is an author of the book Board Work: Governing Health Care Organizations, which won the ACHE James A. Hamilton Book of the Year award for 2000. He is the primary author of The Future of Health Care Governance: Redesigning Boards for a New Era; the primary author of the best-selling book The Board’s Role in Quality Care: A Practical Guide for Hospital Trustees. He is the primary author of Malpractice Prevention and Liability Control for Hospitals Second edition. He is also the author of Quality from the Top: Working with Hospital Governing Boards to Assure Quality Care. Mr. Orlikoff received his M.A. in social and organizational psychology from the University of Chicago, and his B.A. from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA.

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Michael D. Pugh, MPH has over thirty-five years of CEO experience in hospitals, health care systems, managed care organizations, consulting, and health care technology companies. He is a frequent speaker at regional, national, and international conferences on subjects of leadership, quality, governance, and strategy.

Since 1998 Mr. Pugh has focused his consulting and advisory practice on helping senior leaders and boards build leadership capability and develop strategies that lead to improved quality and performance. He is an internationally known advisor and consultant to health care organizations, providers, payers, trade associations, and government organizations. Specific areas of expertise include leadership development, strategy, governance, and quality improvement.

For over thirty years, Mr. Pugh has been a Senior Faculty member of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). He is an Instructor in the MHA and Leadership graduate programs at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai where he teaches health care strategy and quality. For almost a decade, Mr. Pugh was an adjunct professor in the University of Colorado Denver MBA/MHA program where he taught health care quality and outcomes. Mr. Pugh has contributed articles and book chapters to multiple publications and is a co-author of the IHI white paper “High-Impact Leadership: Improve Care, Improve the Health of Populations, and Reduce Costs.”
Mr. Pugh has been active in health care leadership and has served on the boards of the American Hospital Association, the AHA Health Forum, the Joint Commission and served as Chairman of the Colorado Hospital Association. He has also served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations and as Chairman of the Board of Ft. Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.

Mr. Pugh holds a B.S. and an M.P.H. in Health Care Administration from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. He resides in Southern Colorado where he can pursue his passions for fly fishing, skiing and biking.

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