13_How to Create the Disney Experience Inside Your Organization 

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Jake Poore

This week Quint welcomes Jake Poore to the podcast. Poore spent nearly two decades at the Walt Disney World Company in Florida helping to recruit, hire, train and align their 65,000 employees toward one end goal: creating memorable experiences for individuals. He has taken what he learned there and now teaches hospitals (and companies) how to create an incredible patient/customer and employee experience.  His book, 99 Lessons Learned from Disney To Improve The Patient Experienceis full of great ideas.

Poore is best known for helping organizations with easy-to-implement basics that lead to a first-class operation. On the podcast, he talks about how to weave safety, compassion, courtesy and excellent service into everything you do. He says the best way to do this is to ask your employees for ideas, as they are often masters of creativity and innovation. They are also close to patients and customers, so they see how the little things we hardwire can make a big difference. (Poore has great ideas on how we can show people we are happy, even though they can’t see our smiles behind our masks!)

As for leaders, he really drives home how important it is to stay connected to employees, patients, and customers with a good, solid communications plan and a good scout (who keeps you close to what’s happening in your organization). This not only keeps everyone informed in a highly fluid, stressful situation, but it also relieves anxiety. He says to treat your efforts to stay connected like a morning talk show.

Poore also talks about how he used 2020 to make his own company better. He’s a master at creating simple, easy to implement ideas and tactics that create big impact.