17_How Mentorship and Training Fueled Exponential Growth with Harold Griffin, Jr.

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Harold Griffin, Jr.

Five years ago, Harold Griffin, Jr., left a comfortable corporate job to go to work in his family business.  At the time, the limousine and transportation company had four employees and $100,000 in revenue. Today, the company has a yearly revenue of $3.8 million and has 73 employees.

On this week’s podcast, Griffin shares with Quint how he achieved this unprecedented growth. He talks about how having a mentor (Bert Thornton, former Waffle House CEO) and how being part of a business roundtable (other company owners who meet regularly) changed his life. His mentor and the other business owners talked openly about their mistakes, from which he learned so much. They also encouraged him to seek out training on all the things he didn’t know. This led to a major revelation and a pivot in the services the company offered. Griffin and his family successfully built a business  and created a solid brand that differentiated them from competitors.

He talks about the role great employees played in their success and how they implemented a hiring and onboarding process that is the gold standard in finding and keeping the best talent. He also shares how he transitioned from working “in” the business to working “on” the business (book referenced E-Myth Revisited) and all the valuable lessons he learned along the way.

About Harold Griffin, Jr.

Harold Griffin Jr, was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. In 2009, Harold graduated from Tate High School. After graduating, Harold moved to Tallahassee, FL to attend Florida A&M’s School of Business. While in college Harold worked full-time and went to school full-time year-round. In the Fall of 2013, Harold graduated with honors from Florida A&M with a Bachelors in Accounting and a Minor in Business. After graduating Harold turned down a promotion at First Commerce Credit Union and returned home to Pensacola to be with his son Cayden and his family. Once back in Pensacola, Harold applied and was hired by Navy Federal Credit Union. In September of 2015 Harold resigned from Navy Federal to build & grow his family’s transportation company with his father (Harold Griffin Sr.) and his brother (Braxton Griffin). In the first year they doubled the size of the company and became more profitable. In year 2 the company exceeded the $1 million mark in revenue.

Harold, is the Director of Business Development and Co-Owner of ITL Solutions. Over the past 2 years Harold and his brother Braxton Griffin grew ITL Solutions from 5 employees to now employing over 75 people. During this time, Harold has successfully managed and negotiated contracts & projects for ITL totaling over $15 million.  ITL Solutions is a transportation management companies that manages, coordinates and provides non-emergency transportation services for both private and public entities.