49_Making Preparedness Part of Your Mission with Eugene Schneller

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Eugene Schneller

From PPE and ventilator shortages to challenges in distributing vaccines and medications, it’s clear that the added strain from Covid-19 exposed some cracks in our healthcare system. In order to be ready for whatever comes next, we need to rethink how we procure and allocate resources. Eugene Schneller shares why supply chain management should be top of mind for healthcare leaders and gives strategies for how to stay prepared for whatever the future holds.

You’ll learn:

  • Why we should include “preparedness” as a core part of our mission, along with our industry focus on “cost, quality, and outcomes”
  • Why collaboration and resource sharing is so important in difficult times and how to hardwire these practices into the everyday
  • Why “just-in-time” procurement policies need to be updated to account for Black Swan-type events
  • How to allocate financial resources to staying prepared in a way that makes things better, not harder

About Eugene Schneller

Eugene Schneller, PhD, has held faculty and research scholar positions at Duke University, Union College (New York), and Columbia University. His consulting and research focus on health care policy, best practice adoption, supply chain purchasing strategy design and governance, human resource development, and supply chain integration. He was principal investigator for the Department of Defense efforts to integrate the medical supply chains for the three services. He is co-founder of Healthcare Supply Chain eXcellence and president of Health Care Sector Advances.

The Gratitude Symposium Session 

Eugene S. Schneller, Ph.D.
Dean’s Council of 100 Distinguished Scholar
Department of Supply Chain Management
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85287-4706