30_Healing Burnout and Improving Patient Experience with Dr. Swati Mehta

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Dr. Swati Mehta

Calling all healthcare workers, leaders, and providers looking to reinvest in themselves and replenish their emotional bank accounts! Dr. Swati Mehta, adult hospitalist at CommonSpirit Sequoia Hospital, California and Executive Director of Quality & Patient Experience at Vituity, a physician-owned and led partnership in acute care innovation that is committed to transforming healthcare for the benefit for all, is on The Busy Leader’s Podcast this week. Dr. Mehta share her tools and best practices for improving patient care and physician burnout.

Dr. Mehta started her journey in healthcare leadership about 10 years ago when she was a hospitalist and part of a 20-physician team. While on this team, her Medical Director unblinded each physician’s patient experience scores. Dr. Mehta shares how these scores became the catalyst for her building the best practices for herself and her team to improve patient experience while becoming the only minority leader in her organization.

Dr. Mehta set out to develop techniques designed to make improving patient experience and healing burnout among healthcare workers real and achievable. She shares some of her valuable tools such as the 6H Framework, which is designed to connect patients with their clinical teams; R.I.S.E., a technique to address healthcare burnout amongst your team; and R.E.A.L., a tool to connect with patients virtually. If you are looking to reinvest in yourself and your team this is the episode for you!


Swati Mehta, MD, FACP , CPXP
Director of Quality & Performance
Patient Experience- Vituity
Chair- S.H.M Patient Experience Executive Council
Executive board member- S.H.M Bay Area Chapter
Mobile: 510.410.1991

Tools and Resources: 

  1. 6H Model for Human Connection ( S.H.M The Hospitalist August 2020)
  2. 6H model to connect with your team 
  3. R.I.S.E  from Burn out like a phoenix! 
  4. COVID patient experience