47_Focus on the Who, Not the What with Diane Rogers and Sue Murphy

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guests Diane Rogers and Sue Murphy

Focus on the who, not the what. When you put people first, the other things (like metrics) will take care of themselves.

Diane Rogers and Sue Murphy share strategies for leaders to engage in conversations with their teams that leave people feeling seen, heard, and cared for. Not only does this help create high-performing teams, it also helps make you more fulfilled as a leader.

You’ll learn:

  • Why basic “check-ins” and asking, “How are you doing?” doesn’t cut it anymore, and what to do instead
  • How to hold up a mirror to your own magnificence as an organization and highlight what’s going right, and why this is so valuable
  • How to hardwire gratitude into your everyday practices
  • Why how you show up for people determines how they show up for you
  • How to meet people where they are and give coaching that actually improves outcomes

Diane Rogers has a diverse background and a big heart, both of which power a simple and focused mission: to inspire individuals and organizations to harness the strengths and magnificence of people, so together they can achieve higher levels of organizational performance and individual engagement. Founder and president of Contagious Change, LLC, Diane is best known for her breakthrough programs for healthcare organizations, where she has long been a trusted coach—sought after for her ability to inspire strengths-based leadership behaviors among healthcare professionals who want to optimize performance, experience, and engagement.

Susan Murphy, RN BSM MS is currently the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Northwest Community Healthcare. Prior to her role at NCH, Sue was the Chief Experience Officer at University of Chicago Medical Center, where she led experience strategies that improved system-wide patient satisfaction scores. In the role of the CXO, Sue’s attributes include being a visionary and pragmatic leader with experience and expertise in service excellence strategies, program development, metrics, and benchmarking.  Responsible for designing and overseeing the implementation of an integrated, comprehensive strategy that transformed and drove outcomes in quality of care, service and patient experience. Serving as the role model for the mission as well as an advocate for the “voice of the patient” in all endeavors, leading with providing strategic leadership for the development of sustainable programs that foster experience excellence, empathy, and compassion, as well as, patient and family engagement.

Watch their Gratitude Symposium presentation: “Uniting and Engaging Employees – An Artistic Masterpiece (20:15)”