71_Connecting Hospitals to Hospitality with Tyler Lyne

Hosted by Dan Collard with special guest Tyler Lyne

On this week’s episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, host Dan Collard is joined by special guest Tyler Lyne, CEC, PCIII. Tyler is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and is a hospitality entrepreneur.

Dan and Tyler discuss the difference between service and hospitality and offer ideas on how the healthcare industry can learn from restaurants. Tyler shares a quote he learned from the book Unreasonable Hospitality, which says that “service is black and white; hospitality is color.” Written by Will Guidara, the co-owner of legendary restaurant Eleven Madison Park, the book explains that “black and white” means doing your job with competence and efficiency; “color” means you make people feel great about the job you’re doing for them.

Whether you are a chef or a nurse, this color is what separates high performing individuals and organizations from their peers. In healthcare, it also directly correlates with improving patient experiences. Listen to the full episode to hear Dan and Tyler’s insights on the relationship between customer service, leadership, and employee engagement.

About Tyler Lyne

Tyler Lyne is a molecular gastronomy expert & Culinary Institute of America graduate. He has honed his skills in Japan and at such highly regarded restaurants as Restaurant Cru, Bouley, Momofuku Ko and Ciano before landing his first chef job as Chef de Cuisine at La Esquina. From there, he became a partner and held the title of Executive Chef at Cloud Catering, Riviera Caterers, and Creative Edge Parties. He is currently VP of Culinary at Neuman’s Kitchen. His clients have included Nasdaq, Facebook, the NFL and various red-carpet A-List events. Simultaneously, he serves as Culinary Director for Bamboo Asia – Far Out Market in San Francisco and Lucky Rooster Market Street in Miami, Chicago and South Carolina.

Tyler has appeared in Food Network’s Iron Chef America in Battle Pasta. He has also been recognized by ZAGAT as one of New York City’s “30 under 30” list of trailblazers helping to define the next wave of culinary greatness.