63_How Creating a “Culture Committee” Can Transform Your Organization with Brooke Montoya

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Brooke Montoya

On this podcast, Quint has an in-depth discussion with HR Practitioner, Brooke Montoya, and discusses her time as the director of human resources for Monticello Health Services, which was recently ranked as one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to WorkTM for 2022.

Creating a workplace that people want to be a part of requires a lot of things to happen at once. The leadership team has to be on the same page and be really transparent and consistent about what they are trying to do. All the employees need to feel heard and feel like they are included in the important things going on in the organization.

In order to make that happen, Monticello created the “culture committee,” whose primary role is to create cohesion and consistency across the organization. When done right, it can really accelerate your employee engagement efforts, as it provides diverse perspectives and valuable insight into where the leadership team should focus their efforts.

Brooke feels the number-one reason they made it on the Best Places to Work list is because they have been effective in aligning their values with the values of employees. The culture committee makes that possible.

Brooke explains that flexibility and adaptability go both ways, and that they have put together a myriad of programs and offerings for employees to make them feel appreciated, valued, and cared for. “The idea is that if we are there for them in times of need,” she says, “they’re there for us whenever we’re in times of need.”

At Monticello, they have operationalized the word “care,” and in this podcast, Brooke will share some of the specific and really creative strategies they have used that make people feel consistently valued, supported, included, and appreciated, and the role the culture committee has played in developing these highly effective programs.

*The game referenced is called Mind The Gap.

About Brooke Montoya

Brooke Montoya is a dynamic HR Practitioner with over ten years of experience in healthcare human resources management. Having had the opportunity to lead several organizations as the head of HR she has proven success in creating cultures of collaboration and implementing change to achieve workforce excellence. Brooke possesses experience in several aspects of human resources, including recruitment and retention, employee engagement, employee relations, and performance management. She believes that building relationships, leadership development, mentorship, and coaching are key to creating healthy workplace cultures.

Brooke holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources management as well as her PHR certification.

Brooke passionately pursues continued learning in all areas of leadership. She is currently enrolled in the master of science in management program at Tarleton State University. Her mission is to inspire individuals and companies to be the best versions of themselves by sharing her knowledge through teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Her most recent achievement is helping to lead her Monticello team to becoming one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work.