25_The Natural Progression of Leadership with Brian Cunningham

Hosted by Quint Studer with special guest Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham, CEO of Wahiawa General Hospital in Hawaii is on the Busy Leader’s Podcast this week. Brian shares with Quint his journey in healthcare—from starting as a hospital parking lot attendee to becoming (what he is now) hospital CEO. The two discuss the biggest key to leadership: awareness. His most recent book, Our AQ (Awareness Quotient): The Missing Link to Extraordinary Leadership and Life covers how to understand and use our AQ to become better leaders, which he explains. Brian also mentions his other publication, The Leadership Revolution: Because Evolution Takes Too Long  where he defines the importance of laying out the natural developmental progression of leadership and sequencing you own development. This is an episode aspiring leaders everywhere won’t want to miss!

About Brian Cunningham, MBA
Brian is a student of leadership and life. Starting out as a Parking Lot Attendant at a large hospital in Philadelphia, he has worked through every level within this complex industry, eventually working his way to serve in the role of CEO. Throughout this journey he purposefully studied the leadership/followership dynamic to understand both the illusions and deeper realities of leadership service.

As a life-long learner, Brian has earned two clinical degrees and an MBA; while also reading and studying hundreds of books and articles on personal growth, leadership and spirituality; attending numerous workshops, retreats and certification courses led by experts in their fields; and continuing to practice and integrate these experiences into real life.

At a point on this journey, while immersed in seeking a more effective and integrated approach to leadership service, the full developmental progression of our growth as a leader began to “emerge” to Brian… who then organized these findings into a unique and practical framework that others can use to develop their own expression of leadership mastery. The AQ Model of leadership development is detailed in his book, The Leadership Revolution: Because Evolution Takes Too Long. While the fundamentals of our AQ (Awareness Quotient) are illuminated in his groundbreaking book, Our AQ (Awareness Quotient): The Missing Link to Extraordinary Leadership and Life.

As an active Leader in today’s complex healthcare environment, Brian understands the real challenges and the amazing opportunities that these complexities present to us, and he is here to share his visionary yet practical approach to taking our leadership service to the highest levels.