87_Embracing Patient-Centered Leadership: A Conversation on Trust, Innovation, and Care Coordination with Ardent Health Services President and CEO, Marty Bonick

In this engaging episode of the Healthcare Plus podcast, host Dan Collard welcomes Marty Bonick, president and CEO of Ardent Health Services, as they delve into Marty’s extensive background in healthcare leadership and his unique perspective as a patient. Marty’s journey comes full circle as he shares his experiences as an administrative fellow, junior administrator, and now CEO of Ardent.

The conversation highlights the importance of trust in leadership and coordination of care in the post-pandemic world. Marty believes that when we recognize and appreciate what each team member brings to the table, we can bring our best to the patients and the community. He also emphasizes the need for a balanced scorecard approach and the measurement of outcomes to drive continuous improvement.

Marty’s personal experience as a patient, resulting from a freak accident where he was hit by a car while training for an ironman race, provides a profound shift in his leadership approach. He emphasizes the significance of understanding the patient experience and the need to make meaningful changes in healthcare delivery. Marty and his team at Ardent have launched initiatives such as the “Ban the Clipboard” committee, focusing on enhancing patient interactions and streamlining administrative processes.

The conversation further explores Marty’s vision for innovation and patient engagement, including attracting and engaging patients through technology advancements such as virtual nursing. Marty’s passion for creating an environment where healthcare professionals feel valued and appreciated shines through, as he emphasizes the importance of the “people pillar” and showcasing the unique contributions of Ardent team members.

The podcast episode concludes with Marty’s advice to aspiring healthcare leaders, emphasizing the importance of integrity, commitment to the triple aim, and resisting the temptation to cut corners. Marty’s journey serves as an inspiration for leaders in the healthcare industry to prioritize patient-centered care and continuously strive for improvement.

About Marty Bonick

Marty Bonick is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ardent Health Services. Ardent is one of the largest private health systems in the U.S. with over $5 Billion in Net Revenue, encompassing 30 hospitals and more than 200 sites of care across six states. Ardent employs more than 23,000 people including over 1,200 employed providers who collectively care for over 3 million patient encounters each year.

A veteran health care leader, Mr. Bonick brings 25 years of experience driving business growth through innovation and quality improvement across a variety of health care settings. With experience in for-profit, non-profit, public, and privately held companies, he has held senior management roles in large tertiary and academic medical centers, multi-site systems of inpatient hospital and outpatient facilities, and physician services organizations.

Prior to his appointment as President and CEO of Ardent Health Services in 2020, Mr. Bonick served as CEO of PhyMed Healthcare Group, a national provider of anesthesia and pain management services; Division President at Community Health Systems (NYSE: CYH), where he led operations for a $4.5 billion healthcare portfolio; and CEO of Jewish Hospital and Senior Vice President of Operations for Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Bonick began his health care career at Hillcrest HealthCare System in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was acquired by Ardent Health Services during his tenure.