Personal Retention Plan™

Employee Retention Worksheet

Like Precision Leader Development (PLD), the Personal Retention Plan™ (PRP) connects to each person individually. First, the PRP lets the employee know that retaining them is important. Just having the tool builds retention success. The process then encompasses conversations like, “We want you to feel this is the place for you. What are some things that create that feeling of belonging for you?” If the person gives an answer like “communication” or “input,” the manager can then drill down to get the conversation as specific as possible. Clarity is important to achieving the desired outcome. 

Here is a brief overview of how the PRP works: 

  • Step One: Identify what the person is looking for and values in a workplace.
  • Step Two: Ask, “What are some things that would cause you to question or wonder whether this is the place for you?”
  • Step Three: Build empathy and understanding. In a situation where a person is relatively new to leadership, share that it is normal to have lots of emotions. 
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