Burnout & Shift Hygiene: Thoughtful Ways to Prepare For, Mindfully Complete, and End a Shift

Dr. Josh Kosowsky

That sense of having no control over our workday is a big contributor to burnout. In this talk with Quint Studer, Dr. Josh Kosowsky, ER physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, discusses how a concept he calls “shift hygiene” helps us restore some control and reduces those stressors we can reduce. It means deliberately doing certain things before, during, and after a shift to improve our own experience and promote wellbeing in others. For instance, you’ll learn:

  • Before the Shift: How to clear your mind, center yourself on gratitude, and prepare yourself mentally and psychologically
  • During the Shift:  How (and why) to reduce interruptions, resist the urge to multitask during quiet moments, and stay “all in” with patients
  • After the Shift: How to get closure on patients, make a positive connection with colleagues, and build in sacred decompression time
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