Battling Burnout Starts Within

Dr. Thom Mayer

In this short, four-minute chat with Quint Studer, Dr. Thom Mayer gets straight to the point on what individuals and organizations can do to combat burnout. He shares a few insights from his book Battling Healthcare Burnout: Learning to Love the Job You Have, While Creating the Job You Love, which happens to be the Winner of the 2022 ACHE James A. Hamilton Book of the Year Award. For example:

  • Leadership (a noun) is worthless, but leading (a verb in the active voice) is priceless. Dr. Mayer says everyone in healthcare and life is a leader…and this must be understood in your culture
  • Every healthcare team member is a performance athlete involved in a cycle of performance, rest & recovery, performance, rest & recovery. Organizations need to invest in their team with this in mind
  • The work of reducing burnout has to start with in us—that personal transformation is what gives us the energy to change the culture and change the system
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