Adjusting to Change in Healthcare

Emotional Onboarding™ Resource
Quint Studer

In this 6-minute video, Quint discusses the concept of Emotional Onboarding™. Despite effective physical and tactical onboarding processes in healthcare, there’s a significant early departure rate among employees. Studer highlights the importance of coworker relationships in retaining staff and introduces Emotional Onboarding as a solution. 

Emotional Onboarding aims to quickly immerse new employees in the workplace culture, foster relationships with coworkers, and address their emotional needs. Key components include creating opportunities for new hires to bond with coworkers, conducting regular “battery checks” to gauge their well-being, and ensuring they feel supported and approachable. 

By emphasizing skill development and building trust, Emotional Onboarding aims to reduce anxiety and improve performance, ultimately leading to higher employee engagement and retention. 

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