79_From Vietnamese Refugee to Healthcare Executive: Fawn Lopez’s American Success Story

Hosted by Dan Collard with special guest Fawn Lopez

On this episode of The Healthcare Plus Podcast, host Dan Collard is joined by special guest Fawn Lopez, Publisher Emeritus of Modern Healthcare Magazine. Fawn shares her background – from Vietnamese refugee to healthcare executive – and discusses the challenges she faced as a young woman entering a male-dominated industry.

As the publisher at Modern Healthcare, Fawn has worked to help advance women and people of color into the C-Suite and into board rooms. An extension of that work is Modern Healthcare’s Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference, which Fawn will host for the final time this August following her recent retirement. Since 2006, Modern Healthcare has also published the Top 25 Minority Executives list (now called Diversity Leaders in Healthcare). These two initiatives predated the widespread emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion that we see in healthcare today. Fawn shares she truly believes these programs have made a tangible impact, not only on the organization but also on the careers of remarkable women.

In this special interview, Fawn shares:

  • How being a Vietnamese refugee impacted her life
  • Why gratitude is one of her guiding principles
  • The impact that entering a male-dominated industry had on her early career in healthcare
  • How she has used her position at Modern Healthcare to become a guiding voice for women and people of color in leadership

As I conclude this chapter of my career at Modern healthcare, my wish is for the future leaders to continue to encourage healthcare leaders and organizations to push for faster, more sustained efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We need to amplify the call for increased representation of women and minorities and address both conscious and unconscious biases diligently.” – Fawn Lopez

Fawn Lopez is Publisher Emeritus of Modern Healthcare. Prior to her retirement on January 1, 2023, Fawn was publisher of the industry’s leading source of healthcare business and policy news, research, and information for healthcare executives since 2005.

Fawn dedicated her entire professional career to the publishing industry. Prior to joining Modern Healthcare, she held the position of National Sales Director for Crain’s Chicago Business. Before joining Crain’s Chicago Business, Fawn served as Advertising Director at the Kansas City Business Journal in Kansas City, Missouri.

Currently, Fawn actively serves as a board member of two privately held company, SourceOne Global Partners and GeoCann, where her expertise and insights contribute to their strategic direction and decision-making processes. In addition, she holds a position on the Dean’s advisory board for DePaul University-College of Communication. Fawn’s dedication to professional networks is evident through her memberships in Women of Impact: Leaders in Health and Healthcare, and The Health Alliance. She is also a fellow of The Institute of Medicine of Chicago.

Fawn has a passion for fostering and driving diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only in her organization, but also throughout the healthcare industry. Moreover, she embraces her role as a champion and an advocate for advancing health equity for all.