Customized Coaching Solutions for Healthcare’s Leading Organizations

Customized Coaching Solutions for Healthcare’s Leading Organizations

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“Thank you.” “No, thank you!” One thing we will never agree on is who should be thanking whom. In 1996, I met Norm Adams. Norm was older than me and served as a life guide until his passing. His teaching lives on. In late 1999, I was considering starting my own company. I shared with Norm that I did not know…

Human Capital

Our platform and diagnostic tool helps organizations identify top priority areas for coaching and development. The framework assesses six key, interrelated components of an organization and offers tools and techniques to maximize resources and increase employee engagement based on your unique needs.

Precision Leader

Our customized and innovative approach to skill building and career development. By assessing an individual’s work experience, learning style, and natural talents, we can provide coaching and development that is personalized and optimized to help them achieve success.

Our Specialists

Our team of experts brings over 300 years of healthcare experience to the table . Whether coaching leaders onsite or presenting at your next event, our speakers and advisors specialize in delivering innovative and educational insights that drive meaningful change for companies and communities.

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At Healthcare Plus Solutions Group, we take the complex and make it doable. We recognize that no two healthcare organizations are exactly alike, which is why we design and customize every solution based on your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to improve patient experience outcomes, develop your leaders, or reduce staff turnover, we are here to be your guiding hand.

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