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ACHE 2024 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

Event Date & Times

March 26, 2024 | 9:00-10:30 AM CST

Join Quint Studer and Katherine A. Meese, PhD at ACHE’s 2024 Congress on Healthcare Leadership for their session, “The Human Margin: What It Means, Why It Matters and How to Maximize It”

About the Session: As the healthcare industry grapples with staff shortages, chronic stress and widespread employee mental health issues, organizations are scrambling to determine how best to attract and retain talent. It’s not enough to help clinicians and staff avoid burnout; we need to create cultures that set them up to thrive and flourish so they can bring their “best selves” to work and deliver the best care. That means giving them the kind of leadership the new generation of talent wants, needs and expects—and we can’t afford to act on assumptions and guesswork. In this dynamic session, Katherine A. Meese, PhD, and Quint Studer will present findings from their new research-based book, The Human Margin: Giving Healthcare Workers What They (Really) Want. They will unveil compelling data pinpointing the factors most closely related to the well-being, recruitment and retention of the workforce. (Many of these are surprising and even counterintuitive.) They’ll boil the research down to 10 building blocks that create healthy and thriving teams and organizations. Finally, they’ll break these concepts down into practical, actionable tools and techniques leaders can start putting into practice right away. This is a message that every leader at every level needs to hear in order to shift their mindset, begin creating the conditions today’s workforce craves and expects, and move their team toward peak performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss elements that support human flourishing.
  • Identify evidence-based organizational and team strategies to optimize recruitment and retention.

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